Sunday, September 12, 2010

I know. Pumpkins don't grow on trees.

Welcome, new visitors! Whether you came here from Pinterest or some other search for paper pumpkins, I'm glad you came! 
This post has received quite a bit of attention in the last few months! I'd love to hear from you if you like my little pumpkin tree! 
And, I'd especially love to hear from you if you decide to make your own paper pumpkins and decorate this fall!     -edited Oct. 6, 2012
Several of my visitors have written asking about my metal tree and where I purchased it. I purchased it several years ago in a little discount store in Abilene, KS. I have searched for other for friends in the years since and have never run across another like my little metal tree. I have found similar ones online at Ornament, but they are rather pricey. Don't hate me, but I paid less than $20 for mine!
I am so glad I made the decision to buy it that day! I love my little metal tree!
-edited Oct. 27, 2013

No, pumpkins don't grow on trees, but it's fall and my little metal tree was ready from something besides the Valentine hearts that have been on it since February. *eek!*
(I hid it in my bedroom on my dresser after a few months so the Valentine theme wasn't so dominate in the house - you didn't see it right when you walked in the door!) :D
The coming of September and approach of fall was a perfect time to change up my tree.
I couldn't decide just what I wanted to do, but then I did some googling and came up with paper pumpkins. They were easy enough. 
I cut strips of paper from some of my favorite scrapbook papers with fall tones. 
I punched a hole into the end of each paper strip.
For each pumpkin, I placed the strips into a stack and connected them with a metal brad. 
I fanned the papers out so that they were evenly distributed (sort of like a starburst). 
Then I began connecting the strips at the top with a Karen Foster brad. I think they are Karen Foster brads. I have had them in my stash for years. 
These particular brads I used for the top have a little extra piece of metal for threading a ribbon or string through. 
These were perfect because they allowed me to tie thread the twine through for hanging on the tree!
I used a friend's Cricut to cut various types of leaves for the top. Couldn't find "pumpkin" leaves, but these will do.
And, this theme will last a few more months before my little metal tree gets to become a little metal Christmas tree again.


  1. This is so cute!! I love it. Who cares that pumpkins don't grow on trees...neither do Easter Eggs but people hang those from trees all the time ;)

  2. What a GREAT idea Gwen! I love your pumpkins!

  3. Those pumpkins are so cute, and remind me a little bit of some Christmas ornaments I used to make!

    Care to share the instructions? ;)

    You've gotten a lot of use out of that tree. :-)

    I just bought a tree from Goodwill, but it's not metal (I wish), it's the type with the vinyl coated branches. I had been going to paint it black for Halloween, but now I'm not sure.

  4. Btw, pumpkins may not grow on trees in our world, but they most definitely would in Tim Burton's. lol

  5. I love your paper pumpkins!

    And the Valentine's themed tree was no longer out of place in the bedroom. It just symbolized your love nest, right? It wasn't a holiday theme, it was a room theme.

  6. Carole, I didn't really do anything special to them. I cut 1/2 inch strips that were varying lengths, then clipped them together with a brad in the middle which became the bottom. I secured it with a loopy brad at the top so I could have something to tie my jute to.

  7. I am loving this idea! My kids are on a pumpkin making kick for some reason this year and this would be soooo cute for them to make and the pumpkins could even be passed to neighbors and grandparents! This is tomorrow's art project for sure! :) thanks for Sharing.

  8. Gwen, your ideas are precious!! Where did you find the metal tree?

    1. I just made some of these cute pumpkins with the help of my 2 year old and he loves them! He won't stop talking about them;) we put them on our metal tree that is not as cute as yours and they look fabulous!! Btw where did you get your little metal tree? Thanks sooo much for sharing this cute idea

  9. Just found some orange glitter metal trees at Marc's (our local close out store)today. I was goggling for decor ideas and found your blog. I'd love to be a follower but I did not find anywhere to join at. Love the pumpkins. Thanks for the inspirations.

  10. Thanks, everyone for your comments and visits!

    I picked up my metal tree several years ago at Alco, a discount store in Kansas.

  11. So, So cute! Thank you for sharing! I have shared your blog post in my curated collection over at

    Tracie Gulit
    the bunch

  12. Love your tree, it is adorable and easy to make for the tree idea or just to sit around the house. Thanks

  13. So adorable! I hope to make this decorative pumpkins and definitely hang them on a tree!
    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  14. I have a metal tree exactly like yours that I used for my bracelets, time for a change. This will be such a cute Fall decoration and super easy. Love this quick, simple craft.

  15. Any idea about the dimensions of the paper strips you cut?


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