Monday, July 21, 2014


I've been known to buy frames at yard sales and thrift shops with absolutely no intention or idea of what I'd do with them. Not just any frame, unique or "speak to me" frames in larger sizes. I've bought really ugly "artwork" just to get the frame. Hey, if you can find a 16x20 frame for $1.99, why not? You just might use it someday, right?

When we moved here last year and I was sorting through things to hang on the walls, I ran across my frame stash. It wasn't as large as I thought, but I did have several empty frames that I had no idea what would become of them.

Two of them wound up on top of my once entertainment center, now office supply storage cabinet. I thought they balanced out the display there. Yeah, that's what I kept telling myself anyway. (That display needs help!)
 photo IMG_2496_zpsadb5efeb.jpg
Fast forward to this past Friday while out shopping with my friend, Margo. I spotted a pretty little acrylic painting or maybe oil? that someone had done once upon a time of the bluebonnets in Texas (or so said the tag). It reminded me of the times I've {never} seen the bluebonnets in Texas. LOL The Army has taken us many other places, but we've never landed in Texas for whatever reason. I've only BEEN to Texas twice in my lifetime. I didn't see the bluebonnets in bloom during those times and I didn't see mountains like in the painting. Nevertheless, something spoke to me about the painting and I decided to buy it. It was half off of $19.50, so a good little bargain!
 photo IMG_2491_zps0b6b3558.jpg
I came home and began to have second thoughts. I'm not the biggest fan of anything gold or brassy. This frame was glaringly gold and brassy! Then, it hit me. I'm crafty and a DIY addict (and I'm not afraid of much in the way of changing things!) I could do something about that brassy gold!

I decided the painting should hang in my freshly painted bedroom. (More on that later!) The gold was bad in there though! This morning, I decided to try a few of the frames I have around here to replace the gold frame. The one I really wanted to use was the smaller one in the photo above. Well, as luck would have it, that frame is too small. So, I tried the other one up there. Well, as luck would have it, that frame was too large! Before I went checking Michael's and Hobby Lobby ads for sales on frames this week, an idea hit me. Paint the existing frame and glue it into the too big frame.

Yeah, that would work, right? Why not?

I took a shortcut and used the paint from the bedroom walls on the frame. I distressed it a little with some walnut stain so it wouldn't be so wallish colored. Then, I used wood glue to glue the frames together. I did nothing to the larger frame though in some of these photos, it looks like I might have painted it. It is exactly how it was when I bought it a few years ago.
 photo IMG_2504_zpscc5a260a.jpg
The whole piece sticks out away from the wall more than it would with just one frame, but it almost makes it look like a framed canvas painting. Well, technically, it is a framed canvas painting! I don't mind it standing away from the wall though. It'll be even better once I hang curtains in there.
 photo IMG_2502_zps879e1a4e.jpg
My morning's work took me from liking my little painting to loving it!
 photo IMG_2501_zpsa0223529.jpg


  1. Nice work! That looks a LOT better than the original gold frame!

  2. It is amazing what the right frame can do for a piece of art!


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