Sunday, July 6, 2014

Back porch table vignette

A while back I showed you my toolbox with begonias in it. I love that little box! The begonias have really grown. So, I snapped another pic.
 photo IMG_2353_zpsd4ca89e1.jpg

While I was snapping, I snapped a photo of my little vignette on the table. I love my little cowboy because he reminds me of our time spent in Kansas. The horse feed scoop was a barn sale find in New Jersey. I don't have horses, thus no real need for this. But, I wanted it and it makes a perfect candle holder! The low planter was recycled from a Mother's Day arrangement when we lived in Alabama years ago. The pot that holds the ivy is from Korea. The driftwood has no special meaning other than I like it along with the little butterfly candle holder. I need to add a bit of Tennessee and Mississippi to this table and I'll cover all of our "homes".
 photo IMG_2369_zpsf7309e21.jpg
 photo IMG_2368_zpse295db41.jpg

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  1. Those begonias remind me of popcorn. I have no idea?! Maybe I'm hungry :)


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