Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A tisket, A tasket, A...

fifty cent basket!

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning in my craft room and thinking that I need to find ways to disguise storage solutions. I have this ugly plastic toolbox where I store all of my spools of thread for sewing along with some sewing machine parts. I decided that it is time to move on to something else. Something more pretty. I filed that idea away in the dark corners of my mind.

When I stopped at a yard sale with my mother in law last weekend and picked up this little picnic (?) basket, the sewing kit was the last thing on my mind. I just liked the basket. Dark corners, remember?

The basket has such pretty details.
 photo IMG_2441_zpsce2c3149.jpg
I opened it up to see what was inside. Usually, baskets like this hold a set of plates and silverware for a picnic. This one was empty from the feel of it, but I wanted to see how it was made inside. I opened it up and saw a single sewing machine bobbin lying in a corner. Bells and whistles went off and lights lit that dark corner of my mind where I had the idea of replacing the ugly plastic tool spoolbox. When I asked the seller how much and she said fifty cents, I knew one of my problems was solved!
 photo IMG_2456_zps551cce70.jpg


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