Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Word verification, anonymous posts, and spam in my inbox!

First of all, let me say just how much I despise those stupid word verification/captcha things! I HATE them!!!! Yep, all caps and multiple exclamation points hate them! They often stop me from replying to posts because the captcha is blurred and I can't get it right so I give up and move on. I used to have the word verification enabled on my blog until I battled enough with that on other blogs. I also read in multiple places where they are mostly useless unless your blog gets a ton of traffic. Even then, you're scaring off your readers by having them take the extra steps to enter that captcha. So, for years, I felt good about not having word verification enabled. Every now and then I'd get an odd comment show up in my email inbox, but Blogger is always really good GREAT with their service of blocking those comments from ever appearing on the blog comment section itself.

I felt good about the whole deal until the last few weeks. As you know, I've been busy with other things and have been ignoring my blog. I haven't put a whole lot out there in months. Apparently, there is traffic coming from somewhere though because I've received multiple emails with the strangest comments on new and years' old posts. They are totally and completely spam!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Be a little shell-fish":

I do acccept as true with all thee ideas yyou havve offered in your post.
They're very convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too short
forr newbies. May yyou please prolong them a bit from subsequnt time?

Thank you for thee post.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I love Rock-n-Roll, but not Rocks-n-Flowerbeds":

ʟet me take this oƿportunity to say just how much I get pleasure
from following this blog's posts. It neever eveг fɑils to make me
think... Օr feеl

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I love Rock-n-Roll, but not Rocks-n-Flowerbeds":

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the minimum. Many people are now getting fed up with the hassles of
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Yeah. Okay.

They never appear on the blog itself. I've checked and have been thankful for that. Though the blog isn't effected, my inbox is effected and I'm a bit tired of it. So, for now, the only solution I have is to enable word verification for a few weeks and see if that will stop the anonymous poster's junk from showing up in my inbox. I've also enabled the option of not allowing anonymous posts and allowing only registered users to post.

I'm sorry if this inconveniences anyone. I will reevaluate the settings in a week or so. Hopefully then I'll get to disable that annoying word verification option.


  1. That's the exact reason I have it on mine, as annoying as it is. I never realized that there are websites out there that send "feelers" out continually and then this happens, usually in hopes of having someone click on it and it redirects them to another website. I found out about it when I all of a sudden noticed jumps in my number of hits, upon further investigation discovered that a lot of them were "fishing". One of the reasons I hate the internet.

  2. Sorry you got spammed. Keep on blogging!!


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