Friday, April 4, 2014

Powder Room Reveal

Remember back in *cough* January when I showed you my before photos of my powder room and talked about what I wanted to do there?

A week or so later, I shared with you how I'd removed the wallpaper. That was here. That

Yeah. It had to go and go it did!

I was left with a beautiful blank slate.

Wowza! Is it bright in here or is it just me?

After that post, I left you hanging. It wasn't because I wasn't finished in my powder room or because it was taking me forever to complete. I finished it with the exception of artwork on the walls. I just got busy with substitute teaching and life. Blogging got put on hold for a bit. Sorry!

I LOVED the bright white and light walls, but I decided that the room needed some color. I had picked up a little "Water Closet" sign
at World Market back in January with plans to use it in this room. That didn't provide color though. Because "Water Closet" isn't really
a word we, Americans, call our bathrooms, I used that sign as the theme for my room, travel. I had some of my favorite photos from our
travels printed and went to work hanging them. My original intent was black and white photos.
 photo IMG_2001_zps3ac1d7b7.jpg
I'm not sure I'll leave it on this wreath. But, for now, the wreath gives it a little more umph than it would have standing alone.

A trip to Target in search of a rug changed my black and white photo intentions. I've tried three different rugs in this room. Each one
stops the door from opening freely. I knew I had to be careful with a new rug because of this. I couldn't go with a
standard plush bathroom rug. I was looking for thin rugs, but with substance. My eyes landed on this one and there was
no turning back. It's completely unlike the tame, muted, earthy choices I always make, but I loved it!
 photo IMG_2004_zpsc60bbc87.jpg
Can you see why?
 photo IMG_2002_zps8926a2f5.jpg
I pulled colors from the rug and found photos from our travels that had those colors in them:
- The old black truck in front of the yellow train from Kansas.
- Seaside Heights Boardwalk before Hurricane Sandy changed this whole landscape scene.
- My black and white canvas of the Empire State Building as center focus just because I wanted to use it so badly regardless of colors!
- Our view of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, Hawaii from the boat.
- The Philippines taxi photo I dearly love.
 photo IMG_1995_zps2e30a682.jpg
I accented this photo gallery with a wooden plate I'd picked up at a thrift shop. I just painted it with a
color I picked up in a sample pot at Lowes. It is the exact color of the blue/green in the rug!
The whole gallery of photos is above the beadboard wallpaper on the full wall opposite the doorway.
 photo IMG_1996_zps183f74d9.jpg
The paint color for the wallpaper is a creamy white. The top wall color is a very light beige/khaki color.
It's hard to capture the exact colors in the photos with my external flash and the incandescent light of the room.

I changed my light fixture to something a little less glamor and hot lights.
 photo IMG_1968_zps61b41d9e.jpg

I also completed framing out my mirror including all the little extra cutting to
accommodate the electric outlet and the mirror hanging hardware.
 photo IMG_1931_zpsc54d6745.jpg

One last thing on my list of things to do in here is replace the faucet. I just haven't gotten to that yet!