Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm alive! I promise!

Wow... I almost let a whole month go by without blogging! I have been busy with other things and when I had free moments, they were spent on my couch chillaxing. Or else, I would have blogged! I promise!

Since I last blogged, I've been doing some full time substitute teaching! In middle school. Enough said. I had to do some to survive that one. Algebra. Pre-Algebra. Pythagorean Theorems. Polygons. Angles. and all that jazz. I had to dig deep and find my inner brain-i-ac for some of that stuff. Some of that digging found nothing, so I would wing it. I survived though! And, I've lived to tell (just like the Madonna song)!

When I wasn't subbing, I was busy with other things. I didn't let the powderroom/bath go to the dogs while I was busy. I worked on finishing it. I can almost call it done. I would call it done if I didn't dislike and plan to redo my photo gallery wall in there. Yeah, that means I'm not showing you after pics just yet. You'll have to wait a while longer. I will show you one teaser photo though and give you a promise of finished photos coming soon! Ok? Ok!

iPhone photo of my work in progress...
 photo IMG_1606_zpsc7388b37.jpg
I was waiting on wood putty to dry in the seams of my mirror molding. That's almost as bad as waiting for paint to dry!


  1. OOOOH your mirror molding looks good and so does the beadboard! Is that wallpaper you won from that blog?

    1. I am saving that roll for another project. But, this is beadboard wallpaper! :D


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