Tuesday, March 25, 2014

All About Art

A few months ago, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she had two gift certificates to a local art shop, All About Art, for one of their painting sessions. She was moving out of town and was offering the gift certificates to the first friend who responded. That would be me. :) I've been watching along to see when they offered a class/painting that I might like to have. Nothing ever really came up that peaked my interest. The only ones that did had already been offered.

Well, it's Spring Break this week. Teen is in Nicaragua on a Mission Trip, so that leaves Roo and me home alone. I needed to go to E'prise today to check on some things. I decided it would be a great time for us to see if we could use those gift certificates and be a little creative! Roo chose a bank to paint while I chose one of the previously offered canvas paintings to "copy". He finished his bank before I finished my canvas, so he also painted a quick canvas.

 photo IMG_1646_zps3029414d.jpg
See the bird I was using as my example? Mine doesn't look exactly like that, but I do love how it came together (especially since I'm not a painter.) ;)
 photo IMG_1648_zpsbc33e4f1.jpg
I need to touch up my bird's eye. I couldn't for the life of me get it to look right while in the shop. I decided to call it quits and finish it at home. I'll share the finished canvas when I'm done! Promise!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Something in Red

Ok, fine. I will admit it as if no one already knew it... my favorite color is RED! Red car. Red purse. Red Camelbak water bottle that goes everywhere with me. Red phone case. Red KitchenAid mixer. Red bread box. Red... Well, you get the picture. Funny thing is I don't wear a lot of red. Hmm.

I have been focusing on the front porch lately, just ways I can spruce up the curb appeal of our house. Our house is gray with darker gray shutters. White trim and a gray-ish brick on other parts of the house. Remember this photo from last summer?
And this one after I added two white rockers to the front porch on the right side?
I knew I needed a table for between those rockers. I found a little junk one at a yard sale for $5. I debated about what color to paint it. My first thought was ____. You filled in the blank, right? I tried NOT to paint it red. I tried to think of every other color that might work. In the end, I painted it red. :) Then, I started looking at the porch swing my dad made for me. Bare wood which needed sealed (or painted). Yeah, the wheels started turning last week. Red table between the white chairs and yep, you guessed it, RED swing. I couldn't talk myself into it though. I kept going back and forth. Finally, I just did it. I bought the cans of spray paint and got to work.

And, then, in my "If you give a mouse a cookie" fashion, I started thinking about the door. The blah, not jazzy, no sparkle, no fun gray door with the gray sidelights that blend with everything else. An idea ensued which led to a Pinterest search with results here: Gray house red front door Yeah. That was probably a mistake. I can't stop thinking about anything but a red front door now!
I mean, seriously? Look at this with its white side lights. Click for So pretty!

I sat down this morning and sloppily played in Photoshop with my photo from above.

Be still my heart...

To be continued....

Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm alive! I promise!

Wow... I almost let a whole month go by without blogging! I have been busy with other things and when I had free moments, they were spent on my couch chillaxing. Or else, I would have blogged! I promise!

Since I last blogged, I've been doing some full time substitute teaching! In middle school. Enough said. I had to do some to survive that one. Algebra. Pre-Algebra. Pythagorean Theorems. Polygons. Angles. and all that jazz. I had to dig deep and find my inner brain-i-ac for some of that stuff. Some of that digging found nothing, so I would wing it. I survived though! And, I've lived to tell (just like the Madonna song)!

When I wasn't subbing, I was busy with other things. I didn't let the powderroom/bath go to the dogs while I was busy. I worked on finishing it. I can almost call it done. I would call it done if I didn't dislike and plan to redo my photo gallery wall in there. Yeah, that means I'm not showing you after pics just yet. You'll have to wait a while longer. I will show you one teaser photo though and give you a promise of finished photos coming soon! Ok? Ok!

iPhone photo of my work in progress...
 photo IMG_1606_zpsc7388b37.jpg
I was waiting on wood putty to dry in the seams of my mirror molding. That's almost as bad as waiting for paint to dry!