Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Makeover

I'm talking about a bathroom again today. More specifically, I'm going to tell you about a furniture makeover for a bathroom.

We have five bathrooms in this house. Three are full. Two are half baths. This one is upstairs on the other side of the house where the guest bedroom is. It's only a half bath right now but we have plans to convert a closet to a shower so it's more convenient when guests do come. It's currently another ugly little room. Another that was just sort of pushed to the side with ideas to deal with it later. We had this dinky little shelf thing in the basement that got placed in the bathroom just for storage purposes. Another lack luster idea.
 photo IMG_1649_zpsa2bf9aa4.jpg
I had visions of finding a small dresser to go in here for storage and to add a little character to the room. A few months ago, I drove by an estate sale sign and convinced myself to stop. Ugh... I like nice estate sales. This one was not. I almost walked out, but I spotted a little dresser sitting behind a bunch of other junk. I pulled some of the junk away and looked at the dresser closer. It was all wood, not much damage and the drawers slid well. $40... I brought it home and put it in the garage until time allowed me to work on it.

I almost forgot to take a before photo for you.
 photo IMG_1642_zps2b3f750f.jpg
 photo IMG_1643_zps539a8bce.jpg
I used chalkpaint to transform the dresser. I left the fronts of the drawers and the top unpainted. I sanded those a bit to allow for the stain to penetrate the wood.

I finished it off this weekend and put it into place.
 photo IMG_1728_zps17e8735e.jpg
 photo IMG_1727_zps164de816.jpg
For the hardware, I left the original on the top drawer, but replaced the handles on the two bottom drawers with handles from Hobby Lobby.
 photo IMG_1719_zps58c892cb.jpg
I really like the difference in the paint and the stain. You don't notice it that much from the front of the dresser, but the differences are there.
 photo IMG_1720_zpsd636cf47.jpg
 photo IMG_1724_zpse7685070.jpg
Other things I'd like to accomplish in my goals for transforming this room are:
  • install shower in place of the closet (which is actually on the outside of the room)
  • replace the flooring which is currently just laminate
  • replace sink cabinet with a pedestal sink
  • replace toilet to match sink because I want a white one and the toilet isn't white!


  1. Wow lady! You've really updated your blog! I've got to decide what to do w/ mine. Keep it going, close it down. Not sure at this point. I haven't been very good about keeping it updated, that's for sure. Thanks for your visits. :)

    That dresser turned out beautiful! I have to wait until late spring or early summer to do any refinishing or painting. I wish we had a workshop.

    I had no idea that the house was so large.

    We hope to start in on our bathroom remodels soon. We've got a pedestal sink still packed out in the garage, one that we bought I don't know how many years ago now, and we know basically how we want to proceed. The main bath may be get a complete floor plan overhaul, which will involve moving plumbing, so we need to sit down and really figure out what it is we want to do. Both of our baths are small, and with no extra space to borrow from we need to work within the space we've got. I'd love to knock down the wall between the two and make one large bath, but in our area, two baths are expected for resale even if they're small ones. Not that we're planning on moving any time soon, but some day probably.

    1. This house is the largest we've ever owned. The amazing thing is we had no trouble filling it up with our furniture, etc! LOL

  2. Love, Love, Love!! You are hired...

  3. what a great makeover it turned out so cute, i would love to feature it, if tha would be ok please let me know

    1. Lauren, that would be fine by me. :) Thanks!

    2. Thanks for letting me feature your project, you can check it out here.



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