Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Significant, Historical, Weather Event Photos

South Alabama is not accustomed to Winter Storm Warnings with forecasts of ice, sleet and snow. But, that's what our forecast entailed this week. Our local meteorologists were calling it "A significant, historical, weather event." I kept having to remind myself I had moved SOUTH last summer! Fortunately, my neck of the woods only got drizzling rain which froze when it landed on the surface. I was thankful that the rain wasn't heavier because the power lines wouldn't have held a heavier weight.

I went out this morning and snapped a few historical photos. Who knows when and if I'll ever see ice on my tree branches and shrubs in the future?
 photo IMG_1653_zps906cffa3.jpg
I kept looking and found our snow!
 photo IMG_1658_zps82baed63.jpg
The boxwoods held the ice beautifully!
 photo IMG_1656_zpseb1ac484.jpg
As did my encore azaleas. I wonder why they aren't blooming now. ;)
 photo IMG_1659_zps6a97b44d.jpg
Grass shot.
 photo IMG_1655_zps33b1d81d.jpg
 photo IMG_1654_zps86c857a6.jpg
I think this is my favorite photo from my trek outside this morning.
 photo IMG_1662_zps2a4a9384.jpg
 photo IMG_1664_zpsb482b6fd.jpg
I questioned myself yesterday about bringing these indoors since they are in pots. I opted not to. I hope that wasn't a bad decision.
 photo IMG_1666_zps9bb66ba8.jpg
The trampoline cracked me up! Can't you just imagine trying to jump on it?
Jump! Crack! Jump! Crack! Jump! Crack! It would be an excellent example of an onomatopoeia!
 photo IMG_1665_zps7ee1f335.jpg


  1. I'm glad you got some historical pics, but also glad it wasn't too much worse for you winter weather wise! :)

  2. I don't like ice, but I do like pictures of it like this. The trampoline--that would be interesting!


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