Friday, January 31, 2014

Powder Room Brainstorming

With all of the snow and ice across the nation this week, people have been focused on winter storms! I have another kind of storm going on inside my head. I'm brainstorming ideas for what to do with the powder room. I really do hate this room. I have hated it since I first saw it in photos when G-Dub came down to buy the house. I verified those emotions when I arrived and took a peak. Ugh... 1989 still alive and well in the powder room of my new home!

The powder room sits in the back hallway, just inside the back door. It shares the hallway with the door to the laundry room. The room is tiny. There's room for a sink and the toilet. And that's just about all once you get a person in there. :)

I avoid this room unless I absolutely have to. I will walk right by it and go across the house to my bathroom so I won't have to use it. I'm determined to change that (even though, steps count as exercise on cold winter days, right? - Oh! That reminds me of a story! I will share that story another day in another blog post rather than leave you hanging.)

I thought I'd show you some before photos of this room. I could barely get them. I'm telling ya', it's a small room! It really is nice to have a bathroom there though. It's the perfect room for visitors to use. I just know that my master bath is prettier, so I make those extra steps.
 photo IMG_1683_zpsd880149d.jpg photo IMG_1685_zpsb8cff6a0.jpg
As you can see, I never did much to it after moving in other than add some tissues (which Teen has depleted with his head cold), add a basket to the back of the toilet for a comb and spray bottle for Roo's unrooly hair in the mornings, a soap dispenser and a towel. Whoooo! How's that for decorating? That's magazine worthy right there! Ok, not.

My plans are to strip the existing wallpaper and then use a roll of beadboard wallpaper I won in a giveaway from Rhoda at Southern Hospitality to accent the bottom of the wall while I paint the top portion. Rhoda has used beadboard wallpaper in several places in her home and I love the look! I can't wait to bring my 1989 powder room into this century and make it my own!


  1. Have you seen pictures of our "guest" bathroom? It is even tinier if you can imagine. The sink is mini and no cabinet space. And it is tiled floor to ceiling so we can't hand anything in there. Oh, and the water tank is in the wall so all you see is a toilet. Can't put anything behind it. It is great for guests though.

  2. Getting rid of the wallpaper and possibly changing the fixtures will make a huge difference! I bet you can't wait!!


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