Thursday, January 2, 2014

From the Outside Looking In

I know, Christmas is over, but we are still enjoying our tree. I love to sit and look at the lights. I even love how the tree looks from the outside pulling into the driveway and around the house. I went out one night and tried to take photos to show you, but the photos just don't do it justice.

The window is large and arched at the top. Here's a view with daylight still waning.
 photo IMG_1527_zps4bd9edb2.jpg
Ok, scratch that as the reflection of the front yard trees completely threw off my photo. Plus, the window is tinted, so failed Christmas tree photo.

This is from the first attempt in the dark. I had left all the lights in the room off except the tree.
 photo IMG_1472_zps74d49dde.jpg
Another night, I went out with the lamp on in the room because I wanted to show you how the staircase looks with the lamplight shining on it and the tree in the foreground. That has been my favorite part of the view from the outside as we pull into the driveway. (We have to circle around the house and pass this window.)
 photo IMG_1535_zps7214b39f.jpg
With the lamp on, the casting of light was a different from my other photo.
 photo IMG_1533_zps9258f1c6.jpg


  1. What a beautiful view to drive up and see! :)

  2. Very pretty! I would love to have an arched window like that, no room though.


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