Friday, January 24, 2014


I skipped last Friday because we were traveling! Sorry!

I started looking through photos for this and decided maybe I overshot thinking I could do five each week. I may have to vamp up my phone photo snapping!

#1 Groomed pooch
A few weeks ago, I took Roo for a haircut. This guy was visiting the shop that day. Wow! You had to really look for his face beyond all that hair!
 photo IMG_1378_zps30235553.jpg

#2 Polar Plunge for Special Olympics!
Teen participated in a 5K race and Polar Plunge benefiting the Special Olympics a few weeks ago.
The water was a nice balmy 40ish degrees. This was his friend and friend's sister at the event.
 photo IMG_1364_zpsfa81d93f.jpg

#3 Simply Me and G-Dub
Snapped with Teen's iPhone because his has a front facing camera and mine doesn't.
We'd just picked his phone up from having the cracked screen repaired.
We sent him the photo to prove that we weren't all cracked up anymore.
Get it? Did you see what I did there? ha...
I crack myself up....
Ok, fine, I'll stop cracking jokes and show you the picture. ;)
 photo IMG_0948_zpsb3ecdccb.jpg

#4 Japchae - Korean noodle dinner, anyone?
We {Roo and I} have really come to love this dish!
Teen and G-Dub aren't clear noodle fans though, so I have to make rice for them on the nights I make this.
I adapted my recipe using the one found on Epicurious as the base.
I skip the spinach and use chicken. I had used a bell pepper on this night as well.
 photo IMG_1393_zps9426996b.jpg

#5 The horse pitcher
I wrote about the pitcher I use when I make sweet tea several years ago. (April 2008).
My mom let me have it as it was my grandmother's. I used it for years, but only recently started fearing cracking it with the hot tea.
We've ventured into many antiques stores and second hand shops over the years.
I've never seen another one of these pitchers. I feared if I ever broke it, I'd never be able to replace it and I'd miss it.
So, I retired it. I'm really glad I did because I actually found another one this past weekend in an antique store in Mississippi.
 photo IMG_1424_zps32beec40.jpg
Retired mine will remain with an $85 replacement tag!

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