Friday, December 13, 2013

December 2013 Front Porch

One thing I love about our new home is the wrap around porch. I probably could have gone all out with decorations for the porch, but I got caught up restringing lights on a 12ft tree, so ran out of time and motivation. More on that tree later.

I decided to keep the porch simple this year. I do look at it almost daily and think I need a garland above the door. :/

I used my $1 yard sale sled again this year. You can last year's use at our New Jersey house here. This year, I dressed it up a bit by adding some pine-cones from my neighbors yard. I had forgotten just how big pine-cones can be down here! This photo was snapped along the fence, but the sled is now resting against the door frame on the porch.
 photo IMG_1376r_zps9e6dd115.jpg

I opted out of using my favorite Let It Snow wreath. I couldn't bare the thoughts of my beautiful white ribbon and birdie getting mildewy like my sunflowers did on my fall wreath. (gotta LOVE humidity!) So, I hung my standby wreath with red ribbon and ornaments. It looked boring so I added a barn tin candy cane I picked up in a local shop. For a little more fun, I added my Santa sign underneath.
 photo IMG_1398_zpsd9318221.jpg

I had thought of putting a tree on each side of the door but decided not to. (See above for mention of mildew. I didn't even mention the little lizards that hang out on the porch! Ack.... no pretty trees out there!) I was reminded by a friend of the tomato cage trees I've seen on Pinterest, so made one of those with some cheapie garland already had.
 photo IMG_1392_zps808f09e2.jpg
I took the branches out of my metal watering can (fall decorations) and tucked them inside the tree and box. They look kinda funky with the red ornaments on them.

So, overall view of the front door is this.
 photo IMG_1390r_zps8013b137.jpg

I'm happy with it for this year. Maybe I'll snag some garland after Christmas on sale and have it ready for next year!

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  1. Looks great! I love your tomato cage tree. Much cheaper than buying a porch tree at the store and smarter!


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