Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas around the House

I thought I'd take today to show you some photos of Christmas decor around the house.
I have kept our decorations rather simple and love the special touches they have added to our home.

If you walk in through the front door, you'll immediately see one of my hearth trees from years past.
I separated them this year and decorated them differently. I pulled my silver reindeer ornaments from the big tree for this one.
 photo IMG_1462_zps09fe58ce.jpg
Just before you reach the hutch, you'll find my vintage train case adorned for the season.
 photo IMG_1458_zps8c054d83.jpg
On top of the hutch is just a simple display. The only thing I added that was Christmas-y was to the inside of my lantern and a Santa.
 photo IMG_1461_zpsd5dc1e66.jpg
Walking on into the office area which is really the formal living room, you'll find the other hearth tree which is actually on the hearth. Since G-Dub claimed this room as the office and his for hanging his military paraphernalia (and some VW stuff) I added a tree here for him representing some of his interests. Since this was this year's decision, I didn't have a lot of ornaments to fit the tree. The chinook ornament is at the top of the other tree, so I improvised with other stuff including toy items.
 photo IMG_1456_zps13400b72.jpg
Had you come in through the back door, you would have been greeted by a few of my Christmas cards.
 photo IMG_1449_zps76da118f.jpg
And my Christmas chalkboard message.
 photo IMG_1454_zps648e1d51.jpg
Another small tree (my $2 Goodwill find) sits on the kitchen counter.
 photo IMG_1323_zps9234c7fc.jpg
The top of my possum belly holds my little metal tree and the boys' Santa signs.
 photo IMG_1447_zpsf4d221a5.jpg
The grand finale is the main tree.
 photo IMG_1423_zps4bd0d85a.jpg
It's new to me this year.
When Mom was here for Thanksgiving, she helped set up my old tree in front of the large living room window.
We decided immediately that would not do. It looked miniature sitting there. :( So, the hunt began for a larger tree.
I ended up buying a used tree on Craigslist for $50, then replacing every single light on it. That took a couple of days.
The end result is so worth it though. We love our tree with all the heirloom ornaments.
I decided this year to call them heirloom ornaments instead of hodge podge ornaments.

I love my Santa ornaments and like to add a few new ones to my collection every year.
I've started doing the same in the reindeer department too. Maybe someday I'll have a full Santa tree. That may be several years down the road. ;)
 photo IMG_1443_zpsf1211cd3.jpg photo IMG_1426_zpsd768a495.jpg
I love how this tree makes a statement!
 photo IMG_1434_zps3392c00e.jpg
It definitely fills the space in front of this large window.
 photo IMG_1296r_zps429c7916.jpg


  1. I love all your decorations :) I really like that shutter, too.

  2. oh how cool..I recognise that little snowman! *grins* Your home is beautifully decorated, Gwen!


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