Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sunrise in the Grove

 photo IMG_1023_zps93a8c67d.jpg
With the change of time from Daylight Savings time back to Not Daylight Savings time, I'm no longer up before the sun. There's only one thing I dislike about that. I won't get to watch the sun rise over the pecan trees until next fall. I think I'll be ok with that. There was something just wrong about being up before the sun. One day last week, I noticed that the sunrise was particularly beautiful, so I went back inside and grabbed my camera. The photo is grainy and noisy, but I still love it. Sunrise at Our Home in the Grove. (I still want to change the blog name to that, but I just haven't gotten it together to do it taken the time yet!)


  1. What a beautiful way to start your day. I also get to see a beautiful sunrise in the morning, it is so peaceful. It's things like this that keep us connected to God's earth.

  2. This one is definitely a framer :)


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