Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Cranberries are another food I didn't realize I loved until I became an adult. There's just something about jellied sauce that holds the shape of the container that is UNappealing to me or always was in my younger years.

Add growing up to living in New Jersey among cranberry bogs to the list of things I've done in life and a love of cranberries comes into play. There were two different cranberry bogs I was actually able to visit during my time in New Jersey. I wrote about them Here and Here The family who ran that last blog was a family I grew really close to during our time in New Jersey. With military moves, I have become accustomed to leaving friends every few years. Leaving New Jersey was hard because I was leaving friends that felt like family.

Anway, what were we talking about before I got off the subject?!? Cranberries...

A few weeks ago, my phone dinged with a text. One of my friends was asking if I was on anyone's list for cranberries. I said I didn't think so. She said we'll put you on ours! Today, the doorbell rang and the mail lady hanged me a box. This is what was inside.
 photo IMG_1193_zps5739cf79.jpg
I'm so used to looking at the brown of pecans, this RED is a glorious change for me! I decided the cranberries were so pretty, they needed a better photo taken to show them off!

My new screen saver for the remainder of the month:
 photo IMG_1209_zpsef7803df.jpg
Now, for Thursday, I get to use truly fresh berries for my cranberry sauce and topping for my cheesecake!


  1. I love cranberries. I have an excellent recipe for cranberry/jalapeno salsa.

  2. That last picture is basically a stock photo. You should start selling to a site like shutterstock or something :)


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