Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Little Bit Crafty - Fall Banner

The only time I've touched my craft supplies in the past few months was to unpack them from their boxes and put them away in my craft room. Flo challenged us on the board we're board on to a Halloween banner so that we'd get busy being crafty. Well, I opted for Fall since I can leave it up longer. There's still time for a Halloween one, right? Yeah, ha... probably not in the cards.

Anyway, I made a small FALL tag banner and draped it across my very chalky chalkboard. I've been using that board for to do lists, so it's been in use as of late!
 photo craftyIMG_0682_zpscfaf3ece.jpg
Here are individual letter tags so you can see the details.
 photo craftyIMG_0690_zps7eda6e96.jpg photo craftyIMG_0691_zps489c91dc.jpg
 photo craftyIMG_0692_zpsfbe5ada4.jpg photo craftyIMG_0693_zps718bdb27.jpg
I'm really happy with how it all came together even though the tags are so very different! The whole thing puts me in the mood for fall weather though I think I gave that glorious weather up when we moved back down south.
 photo craftyIMG_0684_zps8b21e4da.jpg


  1. Remember when we all made those spring ones in Korea. Very cute banner!

  2. I need to get on this seeing as it was my idea, huh?!!

  3. Looks awesome, Gwen! You've got me all inspire now :o)


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