Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I have always told Teen that with his birthday being late September and him being a little older than other kids in his class, he'd be one of the first to get his driver's license. Well, that would have held true had we stayed in New Jersey or been in Alabama last year when he turned 15. At 15 in AL, they can get their learner's permit. In NJ, it wasn't until 16. Moving messed him up a bit in that whole "be the first" realm. He's behind those in AL now. But, he hasn't thought a lot about that, he's just thought about how much he misses NJ and wishes he were still there! I've always tried to point out the positives of new places, so I pointed out the driver's permit thing. He's been studying the book for the last month and preparing. We went yesterday and he nervously took the test. I sat there nervously waiting for him too! A few people had come out and not passed. The people on each side of him at the testing station didn't pass. He came out and told me he needed $23.50 to pay for his license! He passed!
 photo photo-12d_zpsa1bd90f0.jpg
I am proud of him and happy to see him happy about something pertaining to Alabama! ;) But, then that whole other part of me is freaked out about having a teenage boy driving! Yipes!


  1. I have just under a year until Zack is old enough to take the nearly 40-hour state Drivers Ed course required to get his learner's permit. I'm not looking forward to it, or what it will do to my monthly insurance bill. Having Chris on the insurance hurts my checkbook enough. Then again, having someone to send on trips to the store will be kind of nice (once he turns 16 and can graduate to an intermediate license).

  2. Congratulations, exciting time in your life.
    So, next his own car????



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