Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rusty old car

A few years ago when we were living in Kansas, I found a little wire VW bug in an antique store. You can see it in the post from Sept. 2009. I brought it home and added a plant to the top of it, calling it good though I never liked how the pots sat in the bowl of the car planter. I had thoughts of painting it to protect the finish, but never did.
We sold the KS house and the VW bug plant stand went into storage. I used it two years later in New Jersey on the back deck after discovering coco liners.
Over that two years, the weather took its toll on the little metal planter and it became a rusty old car.

When I arrived here at our new home, I took one look at the planter and decided to see just how well Rustoleum can "Stop Rust" like it claims!
 photo photo-5_zps3c73d48e.jpg
Stopping rust is definitely a tough job! I hope that little can of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint is up for the job!
 photo photo-6_zpsa508d21a.jpg
I used a wire brush and sanded the surface rust off, but didn't sand the entire piece down to bare metal. I'm lazy like that. ;)

In the meantime, while I wait to see whether the product holds up to its claim, I'm going to enjoy some pretty new flowers in the coco liner. I planted a red, white and blue mix - if I could remember the names of the plants, I'd share them with you. But, I can't.
 photo photo-8_zpsa6c42f53.jpg
If they thrive and bloom into red, white and blue beauties, I'll share another photo at a later date!


  1. Definitely looks better after the paint, hopefully it holds up. Cute!

  2. It looks awesome! I hope it holds up! I love that it is a unique piece and has a cool meaning to you all :)

  3. We need a new photo, Gwen. :) How has the plant fared? The bug looks awesome!


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