Sunday, July 14, 2013

Master Bathroom Makeover Plans - Ideas that have inspired me!

Yesterday, I showed you my Master Bathroom Before Photos. I promised that I'd share some of my ideas with you in another post.
It's your lucky day because this post is that post! They aren't technically MY ideas, but they are ideas I've gathered from the wonderful world of the Internet via Pinterest!

I have really come to love the look of bead-board and have pinned several bathrooms that use bead-board.
But, since G-Dub is busy with a class and I'll be doing the majority of this bathroom remodel, I'm going to have to go for something that requires less skills with a saw. ;)
I thought about paintable bead-board wallpaper, but I just can't bring myself to put more wallpaper on these walls if I ever get all of the existing wallpaper off the walls!
In comes the idea for board and batten! I can handle cutting straight boards and miter cuts much easier than I can sheets of bead-board.
I've grown to love that look more than the bead-board look!

I found these beautiful bathrooms makeovers via a Pinterest search.

One of the first ones that caught my eye was from Welcome to Heardmont.
I love how they framed out their mirror with the treatment though I don't think it would work for our bathroom's massive builder's mirror.

Thrifty and Chic turned their bathroom into a beautiful space with board and batten!

I love how Kristi from I should be Mopping the Floor mounted the hooks for towels on the board and batten rather than relying on a towel bar.

It All Started With Paint does the same thing with towel hooks.

Most of the board and batten I've seen has a larger board at the top to create a shelf for display.
Jenny @ DIY with Jen and B didn't and thus space was left for hanging other shelves along the wall.

Gourmet Meals for Less ventured away from food to share their board and batten bathroom without the shelf across the top.

I had been wondering how to still put floating shelves above my toilet in place of the wire rack display that is currently there.
Leaving off that top shelf on the board and batten would solve that dilemma.

Speaking of floating shelves, this is what I had in mind.

320 Sycamore redid their master bath and added floating shelves for storage.
Though I really love how those shelves look, I wonder if they would work along my longer wall.

I might need something with a little more character.

I've had this image from The Pickled Pepper Patch pinned for quite some time.
I think that idea of a table over the toilet is ingenious! I'm not sure about adding another cabinet to my space though.

Shelves with a little more character also caught my eye and were pinned to my Beautiful Bathrooms board on Pinterest.

Addicted to Decorating made these beautiful rustic wood shelves for above the tub.

The Butlers have a very unique shelf above their toilet and towel bar.

Maiden D'Shade gives a great tutorial on this shelf with hanging storage.

My favorite shelf I've seen on Pinterest is this one which I can not find an original source for. I apologize for that. :(

Original Source Unknown

On to my other ideas for the bathroom remodel .... framing the builder grade mirror.

The House of Smiths gives an excellent tutorial on how they framed their mirror. I really like the extra molding they used to give it an even more custom look!

Take a look at how Remodelaholic increased the size of the top board for their frame and mounted their new lights onto the frame. That's pretty clever!

Speaking of clever, I just remembered seeing somewhere a while back how someone used Command Strips to adhere the frame to their mirror. I'm not sure if I would do that or use Liquid Nail. This is going to be our house for a long time, so maybe I'll do something more permanent. I just have to remember to paint both sides of my frame in case something shows underneath!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you decide and come up with. I know it will be amazing like all of your other projects.


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