Saturday, July 13, 2013

Master Bath Makeover Plans - Before Photos

Wow! - feeling overwhelmed!

When I think about all the things I'd like to do to our new home to make it our home instead of our house, I begin to get overwhelmed. I'm also antsy! I know that everything won't happen all at once, but that doesn't stop me from wanting everything done ASAP! I was very lucky in that I didn't have to unpack a lot of stuff, so I'm not still swamped by boxes and organization. Kudos to G-Dub and Roo for that (and Granny too!) They came earlier than Teen and I so they got a lot of things set up and in place saving me from being buried by boxes. So, now, I feel like it's time to personalize the house!

I have decided that I need to overcome my ADD tendencies and try to focus on one project at a time. Yeah, says the person who was stripping a dresser and a cabinet this week then decided to see how easy or difficult the wallpaper in the master bath would be to take down. I stopped myself after one strip. I need to FOCUS! I need to attend to one thing at a time. Yeah right. Seriously though, I've decided that I'm going to tackle my master bathroom first. I know we are truly the only ones that ever see it and I should start with the wallpaper border in the kitchen first. But, I seriously believe that our master bathroom is ugly and want to be selfish and get it redone first!

Let me show you some before photos. These were taken by G-Dub when he first saw the house back in March.
 photo house070DesktopResolution_zps2cef5657.jpg
 photo house071DesktopResolution_zpse9d821ba.jpg
 photo house072DesktopResolution_zps2ea86c67.jpg
This bathroom hasn't had anything done to it since the house was built in 1989. Sigh... very standard late eighties tile and such. I love the tub and have gotten over the fact that it's greenish gray. And, of course, I love the double sinks. The toilet being so open in the middle of the room bugged me at first, but I've come to terms with that as well. I need to work around it. That whole back wall though seems massive or so blank. I pulled the over the toilet rack in that we had previously used in the boys' bathroom in NJ. I just wanted something to add some interest to that wall before tackling the whole bathroom redo.
 photo photo-121_zps03e1b609.jpg
It helped to deter from the toilet being the white elephant in the room. But now, the white elephant with the shelf above it seems to be the focal point. The "my eyes fall directly on this" point of the room. Is it the straw that will break the camel's back? No, not at this point. It's just temporary and besides, I've got ideas!

To be fair with the whole makeover, I got my better camera out and snapped some better before photos. Do you often think that before photos look so much worse because people don't spend a good amount of time taking them? LOL These aren't the greatest, but they aren't iPhone photos, so there's fairness in there somewhere. ;)

You can see where I pulled that one strip of wallpaper off the wall. The Sheetrock is in pretty decent shape underneath, so that's good.
I'll need to prime it before painting just to seal it. I want new soap dispensers and other pretties for the vanity. I used the black in Kansas to go with my black toille shower curtain and window curtain. I continued its use in NJ, but added the white soap dispenser on my side of the sink. When I went back to Target to get a second one for G-Dub, I couldn't find the milk glass ones anymore. :( So, that'll require two new ones when the time comes.
 photo IMG_0283_zps679af88f.jpg
This lovely 1989 special is going to come down. I'd love to have two fixtures above the mirror instead of just one.
 photo IMG_0288_zps6a406075.jpg
These lovelies will come down as well. There's a beautiful window hiding behind the curtains. The rest of the house has white plantation blinds on every window.
In the storage room is a blind that has been custom cut for this window, but it was never hung.
My mind keeps going to a bamboo blind, but I know the practical/frugal side of me should just use that already here blind. :-/
 photo IMG_0285_zps2f45d9ba.jpg
The window needs something because even though the neighbors aren't close, I don't want to strip down in front of the window for a soak in the tub!
You can see the grayish green I'm talking about here in better light. It's not as bad as I originally thought when G-Dub told me the tub and shower were green!
My mind went to the 60s avocado green and got a little antsy!
 photo IMG_0286_zps0c0f951e.jpg
Ultimately, I'd like to have oil rubbed bronze fixtures in here. In the meantime, we have ORB, brass door handles and chrome faucets. We're like the tricolored jewelry of the 80s! I first started with the extension shelf in the shower to store my shampoo and such. Then I replaced the shower head. I went ahead and bought the ORB one, but the original arm was silver. You all know me, I'm not scared of spray paint, so I painted it with spray paint. I just didn't spray paint it with paint.
I sprayed some into the cap of the can and dabbed it on with a brush until it covered. ;)
 photo IMG_0290_zps18acd5d3.jpg
I love this wall of built in cabinets! All I want to do here is replace the handles. These are cheap plastic handles. That whole concept really made me wonder. But, the previous owner had prosthetic hands, so maybe that had something to do with the choice of drawer handles. ???
 photo IMG_0289_zps307130be.jpg
Because this post is long enough already, I'll save my ideas for the makeover for another post!


  1. You've got a lot to work with :) I think you'll definitely be able to make this a space you're happy with. As far as the blinds for the window, are you going to have to buy hardware and such to hang it? If so, the cost of a bamboo shade might not be much more than that. I wasn't expecting that window to be completely clear when you pulled the curtain back!

  2. I agree that the wallpaper has to go. At least you have mostly neutral colors to work with so you can go crazy with whatever you decide on. I would be willing to bet that the prothestic hands had something to do with those cabinet pulls, they really look out of place.

  3. Your bathroom is huge, you could fit my entire master bathroom in your tub!!


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