Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fresh goodness

With all the things on my to-do list, I am going to take a little break from it and detour to something else. My friend picked up a box of pickling cucumbers yesterday at the Farmer's Market and asked if I wanted to split the box with her. She also picked me up a box of tomatoes for canning. Last night when I should have been mowing the yard or cleaning the house for company that is arriving in thirty minutes, I was staring at these boxes of produce wondering just how late I was going to be up last night!
 photo photo-13n_zps1ff4e0fd.jpg
 photo photo-12n_zps09bec707.jpg
The Farmer's Market lady who has never even met me must have known I was crazy enough to tackle this last night and saved me!
When I began to look at the tomatoes, I decided they weren't quite ripe enough yet and could wait a few days. (A few days being after our company leaves!

Whew... I got to plan a decent bedtime last night and mow a portion of the yard after dinner!

After finishing outside because it got dark and I could no longer see, I came in and started on the cukes. I chopped them with my Ninja which I absolutely love! Then I chopped the other veggies to go with them. I put them all in the fridge and decided to let them drain overnight and tackle the homemade pickle relish recipe this morning. It all worked out for me! I have seven pretty pints of homemade pickle relish.

The house is in a decent order and the yard looks ok too. We're ready for our guests! I'll share the pickle relish adventure recipe with you later!


  1. I bet that Ninja made short work of all those cukes for relish! I had a feeling once you got it you would love it.

  2. Gwen, can you look and see if your Ninja is 110 ~ 240? I can't use most of my appliances over here and that looks pretty neat.

  3. I've answered you privately, but for anyone else that might come along and want to know, it's a 120V. Not good for Europe. :/ Sorry!


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