Monday, July 8, 2013

At Home in the Grove

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I can not stop thinking about how we should call our new home, The Grove.
The property is just under five acres and has just under 50 pecan trees on it along with Bradford Pears lining the drive and a few oaks scattered amongst the pecan grove.
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I have had serious thoughts of renaming this blog, At Home in the Grove, because it fits our lives so perfectly.
We've had many homes over the course of G-Dub's military career. This may very well be our retirement home.
Wait, we're not that old! This may well be the home where we retire from the military. Ok, that sounds better.

At Home in the Grove...

I just really like the way that sounds though as my friend, Bonnie, pointed out a while back, it could very well be considered and called The Nut House!

What are your thoughts? Should I rename the blog and move forward from Simply Gwen to At Home in the Grove?


  1. I like the name At Home at the Grove, your blog is very much about homey stuff and I think it captures what you blog about nicely!


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