Thursday, July 25, 2013


Did I tell you that we've been adopted?

Left me backtrack a little bit... just bear with me.

Back in April or early May, my youngest along with the neighborhood kids discovered a cat in the storm drain. They tried to rescue it, but had no luck. Our neighbor down the road and across the street is a cat lover (and saver of wild, roaming cats), so they enlisted her help. She put some food into a net and lowered it into the storm drain as bait. It took a little while, but as we all stood and waited with breath held, the cat stuck its head into the net to reach the food, then more of its body until the lady was able to lift him out of the drain. You could tell it was a beautiful cat (and for me to say beautiful when describing cats, that's saying something as I am not what I'd call a cat lover...) But, this cat was pretty underneath all the matted hair and dirt. Tony, the neighbor cat lady, said she thought it was a Maine Coon.

Roo, my youngest, has always wanted a cat. Always. He has a tender heart of gold. He felt so bad for that stray cat.
He asked if we could take it in and it be his cat for our new home. I got an easy way out with that because Tony took him home with her to tend to and make sure he was ok. But, I told Roo if we ever got a cat, I would like a Maine Coon because they are so pretty.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when this little guy comes walking into our yard. Darned cuteness... He was tiny and we had no idea where he came from. Well, he came from the neighbor's yard, but they said he didn't belong to them. Um, ok, well, he needs to go home! We are a dog family, ya know. ;)
Dear Cuteness who showed up in our yard recently, I regret to inform you we are a dog family. What are we supposed to do with you? photo 1000835_10152067168104922_767079159_n.jpg
Instagram photo from July 4 when he first showed up in our yard...

Problem is, he didn't go home. He lingered and lingered and eventually won our hearts. I bought him some cat food (first time ever in my life to buy cat food, by the way) My friend from TN, that was here last weekend pointed out to me that he was most likely a Maine Coon (American longhair). What? Wait, does that mean we have to keep him now? LOL She offered to take him home with her as they are in need of a family pet. But, MY boys said no way! He's made our patio his home, so I guess he's ours.

We've been adopted.
 photo IMG_0301_zps110915ec.jpg
His name is Spanky.
I called him that because he's such a little rascal and the name has stuck.


  1. OMG, he is adorable!!! I would have had a hard time saying no too, he is just so cute. That's the way we got several of the cats we've had over the years, they just turned up on our doorstep and adopted us.


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