Sunday, June 23, 2013

Still around

Hello! I'm still around as many of you know. I have just been busy within the last month, so the blog got neglected! We've successfully moved across several states and are getting settled into our new home.

As part of the load of stuff Granny brought from her house, she included the VW Bug. She said she didn't want it anymore and that G-Dub could have it. He said he didn't want it, but I said, "Then it can be MINE!" LOL Whoever officially claims it, it's ours for now! It has sat in her garage for a while unused so it has a few problems that need addressed. That's nothing Mr. Handy Dandy G-Dub can't do though. When he was out in the shop tickering with it earlier, I decided to go "help".

I officially smell like old yucky gasoline. But, I got a cool photo with a vintagey textured feel to it! I accomplished something!
 photo 1043976_10152040779209922_359552823_n_zps82201fb1.jpg