Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flowers for me!

 photo IMG_9818_zps83dfd71e.jpg
Do you ever buy fresh flowers for yourself?

Today, I was in Trader Joe's and walked by their fresh cut flowers. I thought about my neighbor in the doctor's office at that very moment having an ovarian cyst removed. I decided to buy her a bouquet. I decided to buy myself one too. Why not? No one else does unless it's a special occasion (and sometimes not even then. ;) )
 photo IMG_9797_zps5be6cc18.jpg photo IMG_9811_zps1a7329b5.jpg
I love them in one of my pretty antique blue Mason jars sitting on an antique Pyrex plate on top of a wicker place-mat I purchased while visiting the Philippines.
So many memories and smiles just from the display of my gift to myself today.
 photo IMG_98071_zpsf517918c.jpg

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not So Wordless Wednesday

 photo lake3_zps17040c51.jpg
I'm calling this Moody Morning over the Lake

I was just going to call this post Wordless Wednesday, post the photo and click publish, but I can't do that! I am too wordy for wordless.

There's a lake not too far from here that the spills via runoff under the highway bridge and into the woods where I assume it ends. Google Earth doesn't really answer that question for me because there's another larger lake further south. This one may spill into it via a stream. Not sure. That's for sure too wordy though! Sorry!

I am not usually out and about early in the morning. A few weeks ago, Teen decided he wanted to join friends in the weight room before school a few days a week. So, instead of getting up at my usual time, I'm driving home at that time. The mornings I've been out on the road, I've noticed that when the weather is cool, there is fog on the lakes. With the sun just rising, the fog is normally beginning to lift off the lake and the scene is just beautiful. There's something serene about it. Something creepy about it. And something just beautiful about it. I always wish for my camera. (and for less traffic on the highway!)

This morning, as I was taking Teen to school early, I noticed the fog was present. I determined that if there wasn't much traffic when I came back through I'd just pull over and snap a quick pic. I wished for my better camera for a better photo, but alas, only had my iPhone. What's that saying, "The best camera you have is the one you have with you!" I edited the photo a bit in Snapseed on my phone and called it good. Though the quality of the photo isn't what it would be with my "real camera", there is something I really like about this photo. I think the haziness of the photo lends itself to be reminiscent of an oil painting.