Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NYC - Chinatown

One of the places in New York we had on our bucket list of things to see was Chinatown.

New York City Bucket List:
☑ Chinatown

We ✔checked it off on Saturday.

We thought that Chinatown would most likely be a repeat of all the things we'd seen while living in Korea. We wanted to experience it for ourselves anyway!
We were right! We were reminded of Korea and the Philippines more than once while strolling through Chinatown.

 photo nyIMG_9346_zpsff1bbf28.jpg
 photo nyIMG_9377_zpse75949df.jpg
The fresh fruits at excellent prices reminded us of market days in Korea.

 photo nyIMG_9348_zpsd897b6c3.jpg
The architecture of Asia was there if you really looked amid all the modern buildings.

 photo nyIMG_9352_zps1cf64506.jpg
Dragons, too!

 photo nyIMG_9353_zpsd2153238.jpg
 photo nyIMG_9354_zpsdae9bd0c.jpg
 photo nyIMG_9365_zps4daebaa9.jpg
Fresh fish markets and dried items. Dried oysters, anyone?

 photo nyIMG_9357_zps049cc6a1.jpg
 photo nyIMG_9360_zps1dc67dd9.jpg
The signs. The colors. The crowds. The merchandise. Even the smells.
You could almost close your eyes and imagine you were in a part of Asia.

 photo nyIMG_9361_zpsf61e1ba7.jpg
Then, in your searches, your eyes land on a vendor selling "I love NY" t-shirts and you're brought back to the US.

 photo nyIMG_9363_zps1c97899b.jpg
But, just as you settle back in the US, you round the corner and spot a Christmas decoration still up in March and you question your location once again.

 photo nyIMG_9364_zps841343ad.jpg
One of the things Son2 and I loved about the Korean markets was the neat candies we could find! Same in Chinatown!
 photo nyIMG_9369_zpsef278da5.jpg
We even recognized some things we'd eaten while overseas.

I was on a quest to find the street with lanterns strung across it.
Where had I seen that before? Sex and the City? Miranda's apartment search?
 photo nyIMG_9380_zps4e372214.jpg
 photo nyIMG_9374_zpsfa1ef6de.jpg
Found the lantern street!
 photo nyIMG_9375_zps673b8c43.jpg

 photo nyIMG_9384_zpsa3194fd8.jpg photo nyIMG_9383_zps480eb4f9.jpg
Proud and honorable people...

 photo nyIMG_9372_zps7195ab07.jpg
Not sure how to describe this... quirky? Bling? Interesting. Again, reminded us of the shops in Korea that sold big gold bling!

 photo nyIMG_9370_zps9249406f.jpg
Something else interesting. After all that walking around in the city, I needed a foot massage!


  1. Those strawberries made me hungry. I have to admit, I don't know what that is in your second picture. I've never seen that before. Those fish reminded me of the smell...walking through Chinatown. Ick.

  2. Great pics! Like Jill, I have a memory of the fish smell in Chinatown and a friends daughter holding her nose LOL.

  3. I am so jealous of you tonight. First of all all the NYC stuff. *sigh* But also, your blog is so cool. I wanna be like you when I grow up ;)

  4. Jill, that second photo is dragon fruit! I can't remember if I ever tried it overseas, but I do remember running across it in various markets.

    The smells of Korea weren't fishy. Those smells made fish smell good!

    Thanks, Lawanda!


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