Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NYC - Brooklyn Bridge

 photo IMG_8463_zps36b835e2.jpg
Last year during Spring Break, we took a Water Taxi ride and viewed the Brooklyn Bridge from the water. I've taken that water taxi ride three different times.
The time my sister was with me, I asked her if she wanted to get off on that stop and walk across the bridge. She said no when she found out how long the distance was. It is about three miles across the bridge. Compare those miles to how long we'd already walked through the city. We figured it up later, we walked almost ten miles that day!

Walking across the bridge wasn't really on my things to do list, but when G-Dub asked what I would like to do during our recent visit to NYC, the Brooklyn Bridge walkway came into the discussion. We were going to be so very close during our walk through Chinatown. So, why not?
 photo nyIMG_9387_zpsb7501bd3.jpg
In order to convince my guys though, I had to say we won't go all the way across! As our luck would have it, they were doing construction on part of the walkway and some of the views were blocked. Blah... The normal entrance was blocked off so we had to go around a shady corner and up a dark corridor.
The colorful sign was our promise that we were in the right place.
 photo nyIMG_9388_zpsafff1de9.jpg

 photo nyIMG_9394_zpsec9321b3.jpg
See what I mean about construction blocking the views?
 photo nyIMG_9400_zps40a8ba07.jpg
We walked out to the first tower or whatever you call it - to the point where the construction was no more. (The point you see in my first photo above.)
 photo nyIMG_9417r_zpsa383132a.jpg
 photo nyIMG_9404r_zpsb01f605b.jpg
Just like everywhere else in the city, there were tons of people!
 photo nyIMG_9408_zps124a62df.jpg
All of those people made for taking photos interesting. This photo bomber apparently didn't want to completely bomb the photo, so he smiled for the camera!
 photo nyIMG_9403_zps4561ea0d.jpg
 photo nyIMG_9415_zpse57181e7.jpg
The Brooklyn Bridge is definitely a landmark! It's been around for a long time making history and starring in movies.
I'm glad we made the up close and personal visit and partial walk across!


  1. Great photos, love the "bomber"! I also got a kick out of the kids with their Statue of Liberty hats.

  2. That photo bomber! Maybe you can photoshop your face in place of his and make this one a framer...ha! :P


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