Saturday, April 27, 2013

Camp stool redux

I didn't blog much this week because I've been busy! I'll show you one of the things I've been working on this week.

A while back, I was in Goodwill browsing. I noticed a pitiful little camp stool.
It reminded me of a metal one that G-Dub has, but this one had cute potential though it was far from cute in its current state.
I left it there that day. A few weeks later, I was back in there again and the stool was still there. So, I brought it home with me.
 photo diyphoto_zps5a542394.jpg
I'm convinced before photos always look worse than they really are because of the almost forgot to take it, short quick photo that it is.
The stool really was ugly in its current state. The legs were wood and decent, but had a really shiny varnish finish on them. And the fabric had seen better days.

I let it stay like that for several months even though I'd occasionally use it to sit and do something in the garage.
Last week, I finally decided I should redo this sad little stool.
I started by sanding the shiny varnish off and just giving the whole piece a nice rubdown with dark walnut stain.
I found it interesting that the pieces of wood for the stool were different and took the stain so much differently.
Once upon a time, this would have really bothered me. These days, I call it character and keep right on moving along.
 photo diyIMG_9788_zpsa88c4d53.jpg photo diyIMG_9787_zpsc86f294a.jpg
For the seat, I just took some of the burlap fabric that I had leftover from my table runner.
I sort of have that mouse-cookie syndrome I accused my friend, Jill,
of having not too long ago. I can't leave well enough alone.
I cut it double the size and ironed some iron-on-fleece to it to make it thicker and more sturdy (plus softer).
As soon as I finished sewing it together and pressing it after turning it right side out,
I decided that it looked rather boring in its plain burlap sort of way.
I came up to the computer and printed out a large D than transferred that to freezer paper.
From the freezer paper, I made a stencil to use while painting my letter D onto the fabric.
 photo diyIMG_9793_zps3f47c1e1.jpg
Then I started worrying about the bottom portion of the fabric seat hanging down underneath or sagging over time.
So, I changed out the top thread of my machine and stitched around the D to form what from the underside looks like a quilted D.
I did a pretty decent job sewing the top. You have to look closely to even see the thread from my stitching!
 photo diyIMG_9781_zps33d1de3c.jpg
I love how it turned out with a little redux love.

Total cost of the project was only the money spent at Goodwill that day for the stool - $3. Everything else, I already had in my stash.

Here's one last look at the Before and After side by side for comparision:
 photo diyphoto_zps5a542394.jpg photo diyIMG_9793_zps3f47c1e1.jpg


  1. Looks good! My parents had some stools like that, I think they finally gave up and ended up in the trash.

  2. I love that, it looks great. How do you like using freezer paper to transfer? I finally found some and bought it but have yet to actually use it. I'm still not quite sure what I'm supposed to do with it. LOL


  3. I've only used it twice for transfers. So far, so good. I just cut out my image from the freezer paper, then ironed it onto the piece I was planning to paint. The freezer paper gives a nice adhesion so that paint won't bleed through on fabric. I didn't get that lucky with another project in that I had paint bleed through.


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