Friday, April 19, 2013

A different kind of beaded bracelet

Several years ago when I was more into scrapbooking, an online friend and I purchased these photo bracelets.
 photo diyIMG_9711_zps4e86aa75.jpg
I had big plans to alter mine with photos and paper crafting supplies. Those big plans never came to be.

I ran across that bracelet a few months back in my junk drawer. Huh? Yeah, not sure how it got there, but I didn't move it to my craft supplies. I just left it.

Then, about a month ago, I saw this on Pinterest: Seed Bead Statement Necklace. I immediately thought of that bracelet when I saw and pinned the necklace. A few nights ago in my "Ignore the Need to Be Organizing for Packers" mode, I distracted myself with a craft project. I didn't have any tiny seed beads, but I had some larger beads that I knew would probably work. I pulled my supplies which included my ancient bottle of Glossy Accents.
 photo diyIMG_9725_zps67b205f5.jpg
 photo diyIMG_9724_zpsbdf564d6.jpg
Tiny beads and long fingernails don't work well together. I finally gave up on placing the beads just so and started
dropping them by the small handful and hoping for the best. I rearranged them a bit from there.
 photo diyIMG_9727_zps57e4987a.jpg
Can you see the very first one on the left? I knew I would need to remove one frame because I have such small wrists. So, I used some silver microbeads to fill in the spaces between the other beads. When it dried, I decided I didn't like that look. I went with regular beads for the other frames.
 photo diyIMG_9729_zps649c3bf0.jpg
Here you can see some of where I put the glossy accents on top for a final secure coat and glaze. I had put one layer of Glossy Accents on the silver frame, then dropped the beads on and added another layer. I had to be really careful and catch the overflow drips with a napkin while it dried.
 photo diyIMG9720_zps97b3706e.jpg
This morning, I was questioning the whole project trying to decide if it looked too juvenile for me.
 photo diyIMG_9760_zpsfeafc74c.jpg
Then, I put it on my arm that looks its age.
Allow me to get sidetracked for a minute. G-Dub made a comment the other day about my hands looking old. Yeah, I know! I've been scratching them which is what I do when I get anxious about stuff. Plus, it's spring and winter is always rough on my skin. I told him I had a reason for them to look so bad, first reason was I'd had them all my life! LOL Sometimes he thinks my humor is funny. Sometimes he thinks I'm certifiable.

Anyway, I decided the young looking bracelet (not necessarily juvenile) was a perfect match for my forty-something year old arms.
 photo diyIMG_9753_zps901c5c5e.jpg


  1. I do remember that bracelet. Mine is long gone, donated, blank, to a local craft reuse store.

    I don't think it looks too juvie. It looks really pretty with the seed beads. Very summery. :-)

    I'm glad you finally did something with yours all of these years later. lol

  2. I really like the idea. I think it looks great.


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