Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our visit from Nemo

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few days, you heard about the Winter Storm, Nemo, which hit the northeast part of the US. Nemo came to visit us, but we were in the southern most portion of his trip, so we only received a little snow. At our house, we measured about 3-4 inches. Just enough to make everything pretty with a white frosting! The roads were salted and plowed, so no one was halted here. Yay!

I got out yesterday afternoon and walked around the neighborhood with my camera snapping some photos. I love looking into the woods and being able to "see" everything that is usually lost in the scenery, but is now highlighted by a layer of white.

The rest of this post is just photos. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed capturing them. They are just images of the woods in snow, but I thought they looked somewhat magical. The way the snow blew in Friday night, it clung to everything in its path.

Can you pick a favorite?
 photo 29IMG_9141Custom_zpsefcd23c9.jpg photo 29IMG_9139Custom_zpsc8824c2d.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9145Custom_zps5f3f92ea.jpg photo 29IMG_9144Custom_zps87059eb0.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9147_zps7d627f64.jpg
The snow-capped Mini
 photo 29IMG_9149_zps0168ba6f.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9150Custom_zps7c01e9cb.jpg photo 29IMG_9153Custom_zpse32ebb8b.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9158_zps781f9f72.jpg
This trio of trees is in a neighbor's yard. There's actually a fourth tree there, but it wasn't as pretty as the other three.
 photo 29IMG_9161r_zps0b38f511.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9163Custom_zps63adcbdf.jpg photo 29IMG_9164Custom_zpse7addfba.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9167_zps9f149447.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9168_zps34daf490.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9179_zps117a6c07.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9180Custom_zps5ffc874f.jpg
I couldn't pick a favorite! I like something about them all.

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  1. I like them all! I like the one on the road or drive with the trees kind of hanging over it. I always like those kinds of pictures. Hopefully we get some snow here before this winter is over.


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