Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wok on Wednesday

Ha, I crack myself up with that title.

I just wanted to show you a photo of the beginning of dinner last night in my Wok I purchased from IKEA. The first time I went to IKEA, this was on my list of things to check out while in the store. As my luck goes, they were sold out of the woks! Ugh... It's not like I get over that way (Philadelphia!) often so I was disappointed. A few weeks ago, G-Dub and I were over that way and I informed him we were stopping by IKEA so I could possibly buy a wok! They had them in stock that day and I decided since I'd obsessing thinking about it forever that I should just buy it!
 photo IMG_9214_zps3bebda31.jpg
I love it! I have used it several times for stir-fry or just cooking a double or triple batch of hamburger meat! It's awesome. And, it's got red handles. ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Is fifth grade THE grade for plant and animal cell projects? When we were in Korea, the fifth graders had to do cell models. I don't know about other places as when Teen was in fifth grade, we were homeschooling.

This year, Son2 is a fifth grader. Last weekend, we worked on cell models. I'd done some searches on Pinterest and gathered ideas. I found a padded cell. Hmm..., probably not really what was assigned. After going over the choices and options, he decided Play-Doh won out over everything else.

This photo is of the process... he wasn't too gungho about going above and beyond the basics of the assignment. He's a get it done and call it good enough kind of kid!
 photo IMG_0485_zpsaa46ca25.jpg

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Hey, did you wonder where I went? I'm still around! My thoughts have just been preoccupied with other things.

I was sitting here tonight thinking about what I should blog for you guys. I went through photos I've taken recently (which isn't many! More photos are on my phone than my camera card!)

I ran across the photos from the Arrow of Light Ceremony from a month ago. What? I never blogged those? Ok, well, tonight's the night! This ceremony was basically the end of our Cub Scouting life. Son2 isn't crossing over to Boy Scouts. We didn't even attend the Blue and Gold Banquet which was actually this afternoon. Hmm... Sort of sad. Sort of glad. More milestones.

A few den meetings before the big night, we brought all of our patches and "stuffs" from our years in scouting to attach to the Arrow. There are a few spots empty on his because he was going to get patches at the Blue and Gold ceremony. I guess we'll add those when we get them from the den leader.
 photo IMG_0693_zps0bf45c6f.jpg
I love the three different shoulder patches from the three different packs we were in while living in three different places during his Cub Scouting career.

Pinning the ranks on was an honor bestowed to the parents.
 photo IMG_0700_zps642c0b27.jpg

The local Boy Scout troop came in and did a really neat ceremony and reading of the story of the Order of the Arrow.
They were all decked out in costumes for the ceremony.
 photo IMG_0712_zps57f9b671.jpg

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Was that a crime?

I think I might have committed a federal offense when I was out shooting in the snow on Saturday afternoon. When I emerged from the woods and hit the street, I came out at this driveway of three houses in our neighborhood. I loved the way the mailboxes were topped with snow. The picture before me reminded me of so many images I've seen in the past where the photo portrays a row of mailboxes. I had to snap it! The only problem was with the middle mailbox. The mail had been delivered and a long package was sticking out of that box. It wouldn't look right in my photo! So, I removed it from the box and closed the door. I snapped a couple of photos from various angles, then replaced the package and walked away as if it never happened! Hopefully, no one saw me!

The resulting image is one I really love! Even if it has been overdone in the past, it's never been done by me!
 photo 29IMG_9177r_zps5c16fb22.jpg

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine Hollingsworth

 photo IMG_9128_zps37054711.jpg
There aren't many people in my family (either Mom's or Dad's side) who have ever really been into genealogy. I know there is a cousin on my dad's side of the family (Hood side) that has done some work, but we never knew a lot about it or never studied it. Mom has a copy of a lineage he did. That's how the boys know that Elvis was a distant cousin. Our grandparents were in that line of cousins at some point in time.

Mom's side of the family has always been a mystery to us for whatever reason.

I have ran searches online for the family names in the past just to see where they might have come from originally. Hood (my maiden name) is mostly English and Scottish. Taylor (Mom's maiden name) is also English and Scottish. So, easy enough, right? But, I never really gone passed that point.

A few months ago, Mom reunited with a cousin of hers who lives near Tuscaloosa, AL. Mom drove over and had lunch with her cousin after meeting her again on Facebook. She had a nice visit. They were talking about families and where kids were, etc. Mention of me in New Jersey led to the discussion about family history. Mom's mom was a Hollingsworth before she married my grandfather (Taylor). Betty told Mom that she'd done some research about the family history and had tracked down the first family member to come to the New World. His name was Valentine Hollingsworth.

There is a monument erected in his honor in a cemetery in Wilmington, DE, which is only about an hour and a half from where I am now.

Interesting things about him via a Google search:
Valentine Hollingsworth (August 15, 1632 – October 13, 1710) was one of the earliest settlers of Brandywine Hundred in northern New Castle County, Delaware and a founder of the Hollingsworth family in America. He was descended from the Hollingworth family of Hollingworth, England.

Hollingsworth was born to Henry and Catherine Hollingsworth, who had moved to County Armagh, Ireland from England and was a member of the Hollingworth family of Hollingworth Hall, in what was Northern Cheshire. He married first in 1655 to Anne Rea (1628-1671), by whom he had four children, then in 1672 to Anne Calvert, by whom he had four more children.

Hollingsworth became a Quaker while in Ireland and suffered religious persecution. In 1682 he and his family sailed for the New World, many on the ship "Antelope". He settled on a plantation of nearly one thousand acres near Shellpot Creek, about five miles northeast of what is now the city of Wilmington, Delaware.

Hollingsworth was a member of the First Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania. He served as a justice of the peace. He was one of the signers of William Penn's Great Charter.

He died on October 13, 1710 in Delaware. A large monument (normally abhorred by Quakers) now marks the Newark Union Burial Ground, land which he donated.
I told Mom that I would love to drive over and find the grave just to see it. On Friday of last week, I got that chance! G-Dub and I drove down to Wilmington to meet some friends of ours that we met in Korea. Our friends were in Baltimore awaiting their flight to their next duty station in Germany. So, we met sort of halfway for lunch! After lunch, we all drove over to the cemetery to see if we could find Mr. Valentine's monument.
 photo IMG_9123r_zpscb7251a7.jpg
 photo IMG_9126_zps7f2bc91b.jpg
I would have to do some more research and revisit some history lessons to see where the Revolutionary War fit into the story. The cemetery was home to several Revolutionary War veterans.
 photo IMG_9135Custom_zpsd0b4ee01.jpg
Thank you, Mr. Valentine for having the foresight and courage to travel to the New World! I'm happy to be an American and I have you to thank for that!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our visit from Nemo

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few days, you heard about the Winter Storm, Nemo, which hit the northeast part of the US. Nemo came to visit us, but we were in the southern most portion of his trip, so we only received a little snow. At our house, we measured about 3-4 inches. Just enough to make everything pretty with a white frosting! The roads were salted and plowed, so no one was halted here. Yay!

I got out yesterday afternoon and walked around the neighborhood with my camera snapping some photos. I love looking into the woods and being able to "see" everything that is usually lost in the scenery, but is now highlighted by a layer of white.

The rest of this post is just photos. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed capturing them. They are just images of the woods in snow, but I thought they looked somewhat magical. The way the snow blew in Friday night, it clung to everything in its path.

Can you pick a favorite?
 photo 29IMG_9141Custom_zpsefcd23c9.jpg photo 29IMG_9139Custom_zpsc8824c2d.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9145Custom_zps5f3f92ea.jpg photo 29IMG_9144Custom_zps87059eb0.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9147_zps7d627f64.jpg
The snow-capped Mini
 photo 29IMG_9149_zps0168ba6f.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9150Custom_zps7c01e9cb.jpg photo 29IMG_9153Custom_zpse32ebb8b.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9158_zps781f9f72.jpg
This trio of trees is in a neighbor's yard. There's actually a fourth tree there, but it wasn't as pretty as the other three.
 photo 29IMG_9161r_zps0b38f511.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9163Custom_zps63adcbdf.jpg photo 29IMG_9164Custom_zpse7addfba.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9167_zps9f149447.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9168_zps34daf490.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9179_zps117a6c07.jpg
 photo 29IMG_9180Custom_zps5ffc874f.jpg
I couldn't pick a favorite! I like something about them all.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Speaking of summer...

I mentioned in yesterday's post that all of that produce reminded me of summer. Speaking of summer, I need to be reminded of summer because it's been cold and dreary here lately. For the past few nights, we've had snow. It's the kind that is here in the morning and gone by afternoon, only to be refreshed again that night. I think last night's snow is going to be it for this week. It's a neat snow. It's sparkly! I've never seen sparkly snow before. It's so pretty to turn the back porch light on while the dogs go out to do their thing before bed and see the snow sparkling.
 photo IMG_9088_zps0a9d027e.jpg

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Produce Goodness

There's a place not too far from here called Produce Junction. It can be a somewhat overwhelming place! I was completely overwhelmed the first time I went in there. I still get that way if there is a crowd of people there. You walk in and can gather some of your goodies out in the open area where there's room. For most stuff, you go to the counter and tell them what you want, then they grab it from behind them and you pay and are on your merry way. Unless you want fruit AND veggies. If you've bought fruit and want veggies, you have to do that same thing at the other counter. It took me a couple of times to realize that. Like I said, it's overwhelming with all the people and the fast business transactions! I would get to the counter and draw a blank!

The produce isn't organic, which I've dabbled in some recently. But, their produce is a much better price than the grocery store for ordinary stuff. Plus, they often have a fresher and more varied selection.

I was in there last week and stocked up on some things. That stuff disappeared. It was time to go back for more this week!

This was yesterday's haul.
 photo IMG_9094r-1_zps14652e51.jpg
Mmmm, reminds me of summer!

We've enjoyed fruit salads made with fresh fruit, topped with chopped pecans and cranberries! I make a little fruit side salad for the boys' lunches. I always make a large batch, then G-Dub and I have been finishing it off for a fresh breakfast! For lunch, I have a fresh salad. I have learned in the past few months that a whole head of Romaine lettuce cut at home lasts stays fresher longer than the kind you buy in a bag. I wouldn't say it lasts longer though because I have actually been eating these salads as opposed to letting them ruin in the fridge!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Show and Tell Friday

 photo IMG_9083snow_zps9a0201da.jpg
With this outside my window, I'm not in the mood to do much. So, I was cleaning.
When I was wiping down the top of this cabinet and cleaning the mirror, I remembered that I never showed you my little "project" from last summer.

If you have known me for any length of time, you know I like things with a story and things that are different. You also know that we sometimes spend our bored
Saturday mornings stopping by yard sales just to see if we can find treasure. One Saturday last summer, G-Dub and DS2 were out and about. They came home and
said they needed the truck. What? Apparently, G-Dub had found the treasure in an estate sale where he'd bought a ton of tools. Boring... When he returned and
emptied the truck, I went out to look at his stuff. All I saw was tools. Yuck. But then I looked closer and saw this drawer full of bits and tool stuff.
 photo homeIMG_9055_zps6b3b2fe5.jpg
There wasn't anything special about it, but I liked it. I loved the handle and the sticker detailing the contents of the drawer.
Something about this reminded me of my father.
 photo homeIMG_9064_zpsb1ccb730.jpg
I told G-Dub at that moment that when he emptied that drawer, it was no longer his, I was staking claim.
He wanted to know what I was going to do with it. I had no idea! I just wanted the drawer!

A little time passed and it dawned on me what I wanted to do with this old junk drawer. Can you imagine? I decided it would be a necklace holder!
I cleaned it up really good and then screwed three hooks into the "top" of it which was really the front of it, but turned on its end made it the top.
 photo homeIMG_9076_zps25e8ed55.jpg
It sits atop Beauty, my cabinet redo for my bathroom.
 photo homeIMG_9068_zps32f83d84.jpg photo homeIMG_9072_zps31bb6424.jpg
 photo homeIMG_9073_zps3d1ee39b.jpg
I love it in its rough and masculine sort of way. It's still a little bit of "beast" amongst a tad of beauty.
 photo homeIMG_9082_zps5087b565.jpg photo homeIMG_9074_zps00adb703.jpg
I always pack our own soap for travels, but I also always take the hotel soaps! I need to stop doing that or find a new jar! LOL