Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Caught my eye

I would love to take a walking photo tour of New York and just take the time to stop and photograph everything that catches my eye without being rushed along to catch up with the family seeing other sights. I think one could spend days in the city doing such things. What a wonder it would be to go through the images of that memory card.

Yesterday, I grabbed my older camera, my Canon Xti and my nifty fifty lens because I knew it would be lighter while walking around. I regretted it the moment we stepped foot on the sidewalks of New York. First, I had to remember how to actually use the camera! Then, I remembered that the nifty fifty isn't the best walk around lens. Yikes.... chalk it up to I'll remember next time! Despite all those odds that were a little against me, I was still thrilled with the photos that I took.

When we left the park, we ventured east on our journey to FAO Schwartz. Along the way, several things caught my eye. These lights marking the entrance to the subway caught my eye.
 photo nyIMG_8987_zps6ffd75b9.jpg
These were taken within seconds of each other. I love the differences in the two images!
I wasn't sure which one I liked better, the one that was lit or the one that the bulb was out.
 photo nyIMG_8988r_zps4a77893a.jpg
I'd never seen anything like them. G-Dub and I comment every time we're in the city that the architecture there is like nothing we've seen before. We're not just talking about the new and modern buildings. We are talking about the architecture that has been there for decades, maybe even centuries. What an experience!

We *heart* NY!

I have to get a t-shirt on one of these trips!


  1. I've never seen those Subway signs in all the times I've been there--cool! I like the lit one.

  2. I'm with Flo - never seen these before. These photos are REALLY cool! They would make great framers for your house :) Or mine...or other people's...if you wanted to sell them on Etsy ;)


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