Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A little DIY (Thanks, Pinterest!)

I suppose this would fit into the "Saw It, Pinned It, Did It" category.

We have a problem with multiple cup usage and leave a cup wherever in our house. "Is this my cup?" "I don't want HIS germs." usually turns into more than one cup sitting around belonging to any given boy on any given day and results in a full top shelf of a dishwasher.

When I saw this on Pinterest, I had to pin it! Pinned Coaster Tray That was a few months ago or weeks... time gets away from me. I hadn't forgotten about that coaster tray though. I remembered it every night when I walked around the house corralling cups for the dishwasher.

Today, I went to Goodwill to drop off a donation box of stuff I've been gathering. I almost just left the parking lot after dropping it off, but that would never work. I parked and went inside determined not to buy ANYTHING unless I had a specific use in mind for it. I walked out with two things. The item pictured below and a pack of soap trays or holders - whatever those little things are that are plastic/rubber and have suction cups on them where you put your bar of soap.

I spent $1.96.

As I was pursing the kitchen aisle chastising myself for even walking down that aisle with all the dishes and cups and mix matched things, I spotted this.
 photo diyIMG_9032_zps592434ec.jpg
In its former life, I think it probably held one of those long rectangular candles. But, you know where my mind immediately went, don't you? Yep, coaster tray! I knew it was small and would only hold two, but I guesstimated that the tiles I had stashed away in my craft room would work on here.

I came home and cleaned up the once upon a time candle holder. Then, I dug out the tiles. They fit into the tray area! I stamped the images on the tiles using clear stamps and StazOn ink, then laid them in the tray and called it done. The negative space around each coaster makes me question what I could do to fill it, but there is something I really like about that negative space. For now, I'm leaving it. I'll worry about it after I've trained my children to actually use this coaster tray!
 photo diyIMG_9026_zpsf7b2743c.jpg
Total cost for this little DIY project was a whopping $0.98 since everything else I used was bought years ago and had been camping out in my stash since then.


  1. Great idea! I like the negative space too, I think I would leave it as is.

  2. I really like how this turned out! Did you know your coasters would fit? Your stamping looks really good. Good luck the boys to use it. I'm about 175% confident that'd be the issue at my house. The cup would never be where it was supposed to be, ha!

  3. Another great job! I like negative space, too.

  4. Love this idea too! You scpre some great finds, Gwen!


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