Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yard Sale Saturday

G-Dub decided today that he wants to be a picker when he grows up! At age almost 43, it's about time, right? LOL

We dropped Teen off to catch the bus with his Cross Country team this morning, then did a little driving around to see if we could find any good yard sales. We were spoiled by the neat and cool things we found at yard sales in Kansas. We haven't really hit a jackpot since being here. But today, we pretty much hit a couple of jackpots! I think the cooler weather and hint of fall had people out faring their goods because we found more sales today than we ever have.

I used to feel a little weird about yard sales. There's just something eh about walking around looking through other people's stuff. But, that's how treasures are often found!

I'll share a couple of things we picked snagged today.

I almost walked by this beauty of a lantern but the turquoise color drew me back to it. I inquired about the price and the lady said, $6. Um, where did G-Dub go with his wallet? Yikes.... down to the neighbor's sale. Hmmm... so I walked down to get him hoping that no one else would pick up the lantern while I was away from it. He met me with another lantern asking if I liked it. "I like the other one at that house better!" was my response. He had noticed it, but didn't ask the price so kept going. We went back and paid for it! We won't use it here at the rental house though we could. But, we are planning to save it and hopefully use it at our next house. I just love it.
Apparently we were on a roll with light fixtures today because we also bought a ceiling fan with a heater. I'd never seen one before or even thought to look for one. When we saw it, we immediately thought about our bedroom here. We could barely get it above 63 degrees in that room last winter! And it was a mild winter! Geesh... We are hoping that we can replace the ceiling fan that is there with this one and have good luck. I couldn't find the exact one online, but in looking at others, they range in price from $250-$400. We bought the one today, still in the box and never used or removed for $20. Um, yeah. Bargain! And that baby will be going back in that box and with us when we move!

Third is a vanity light fixture. We bought this with the downstairs bath in mind. The one that was in there had light bulbs that were $10 a piece and had to be special ordered. Ugh... G-Dub found a past its prime and not so pretty fixture at another yard sale and replaced it, but I don't like it. When we found this one for $5 again, we snagged it. Again, this will go with us when we move just because I like it.
Another yard sale prompted me to buy this basket. I don't need this basket, but I really liked it! It's so unique. The lady worked somewhere and said they were originally $50, but she had $5 on it. She also commented that no one had taken her up on it for $5 so she'd let me have it for $3. Ok... the balls inside were $1, so not a bad deal. I have wanted a few more decorative balls, but haven't wanted to pay the price for them. Problem solved. Now, just what am I going to do with this basket? Hmmm.... If I ever moved forward with photography, it would be a good prop.
Speaking of photography props, I bought a half pack of wood look vinyl floor slats that I will store away for some future use. (Would make a great hardwood floor look for a photo prop....combined with that basket.... hmmm)
G-Dub asked about a Craftsman leaf blower. The man said he wasn't sure if it worked or not and told G-Dub he could just have it because it was a little difficult to crank the last time he'd started it. G-Dub equals Mr. Fix-It. He has the thing in pieces adding a new fuel line and other little pieces in the garage as I write this. He started it earlier and it runs great, but needed a few new parts. So... awesome bargain!

We picked up some other odds and ends. LilMan bought a backpack that is bigger than his travel bag. G-Dub bought a digital camera which I told him not to, but he wanted anyway. LOL We picked up a Starbucks thermos for $2. I was on the hunt for some small Mason jars, but only came home with four half pints for $1. More than I had this morning, but not as many as I wished for! LilMan was so ready to come home! He usually loves treasure hunting garage sale picking, but this morning, he was done! (not my fault we didn't find any sales with Legos... ;)


  1. Cool finds, love the basket!

  2. Sounds like some great finds! I really like that light fixture, very pretty!! :) That basket is neat too. It'd look great on the center of a table with, say, some gourds and baby pumpkins and Indian corn. Festive yunno ;)


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