Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Planting garlic

I will admit that I probably didn't even know what garlic was until I was a teenager. My first introduction to it was probably pertaining to some vampire movie or maybe Scooby Doo. Oh, wait, Pizza Hut was a prominent part of my teenage years, so maybe I knew about it because of pizza. My family never used garlic. We never ate much pizza until I was in my teens. Basic and simple southern cooking of a meat and three just doesn't require much garlic.

As an adult, I've learned to use it more and more. Two times living in Korea really helped me appreciate garlic. The first time we were there, I remember trying it like so many of the Koreans do. Eating an entire clove. I thought I was going to die! What? This is supposed to be healthy? How can it be healthy and almost kill me at the same time? Geeesh! Lesson learned - leave the whole garlic clove eating to those who can handle Soju and Korean chili peppers. I stick to the simple stuff. A teaspoon here. A tablespoon there. Nothing over the top. And, I really cheat by buying the jar of minced garlic though I have a nice gadget to press it for me.

A few weeks ago, I saw a pin on Pinterest about growing your own garlic. I'd never really thought much about it. I tend to plant in my little garden bits of what my parents planted in theirs because I learned from them. If you read all of the above, you can imagine that garlic was never a staple in my parents' garden. Maybe that's why I never considered it. With my friend Christy's talk of fall planting over at Our Homestead Haven, I thought of planting something for fall. But, that was a few weeks ago and thoughts were as close as I got to actually doing! That Pinterest pin and thoughts of fall garden planting led me to pick up a few heads of garlic at the farm market earlier this week when I was buying all those tomatoes!

Planting and growing garlic seems pretty straight forward. As one blogger stated, any idiot can do it. Hey, that sounds like a challenge! Today, I broke apart the head of garlic and looked for a spot in the border beds to tackle for the job.
Though the mulch looked too pretty to bother, I did. I shoveled around and added some humus and manure to the area (because I thought over the summer that dirt needed a little boost).
Then I used my trowel and dug a trench. I placed the cloves into the trench with the root side down. I covered everything, watered and walked away.
Hopefully, the garlic really is idiot proof and will like my carefree approach.

Time will tell. :)

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  1. Wow! Tell me how it goes. I thought about planting it but I was a chicken! Can't wait to read about it's progress!!


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