Thursday, September 27, 2012

Something Old

I have childhood memories of my mom rolling out pie crusts and other things pastry on this Tupperware mat. The convenience of life in general with bought pie crusts or paper towels floured for patting out biscuit dough, led to the Tupperware mat getting put in a drawer and mostly forgotten. A while back, Mom was cleaning out the cabinets and drawers when she pulled out this mat. Like many things, she asked me if I wanted it before she threw it away.
(I remember asking about it at some point. Plus, after me preaching to her about throwing things away if she hasn't used them in three years, then getting "mad" at her for throwing out our old Atari game.... she often asks me before she tosses stuff. LOL)
I brought it home with me the last time I was home. (Is that confusing? I have two homes you know. Don't you? My current home and my parent's house.)

For months since being here, it has sat curled up in a drawer in my kitchen. Recently, I've been pulling it out to use it. Whether I am making Whole Wheat Tortillas or kneading bread dough or rolling out dumplings for chicken and dumplings, I can't help but be a little nostalgic. The date mark on the Tupperware pastry mat reads 1965. Wow, plenty of reasons to feel nostalgic with this something older than me!

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  1. My mom had one of those too! I wonder if they still make them?


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