Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catch up...

I've let my blogging slip a little in the past few days. We've had some busy days! I'll catch you up a little bit and share a couple of photos from last week.

Teen had his first official Cross Country meet last Tuesday. His time for the XC-5K was 20min 49sec. WOW!!! I can't fathom running 3.whatever miles in that short of time, much less through the woods, up and down hills! I'm so impressed by him! He's doing great.

Son2 is also doing well with school. Tonight was Open House, so I finally got to meet his teacher. He really likes her and my first impression of her was a good one too. :)

Last Friday, I had a short visit from Lawanda, a friend I met first online at a scrapbook forum. That online meeting was over nine years ago! We met in person in Nashville at CKU-M seven years ago. Last week, she was traveling through on her way home from an east coast beach trip with her mom, sister and two little ones. She was coming very close to me, so detoured a little bit to stop in for a visit! I'm glad she did! Still being a part of that scrapbook community even though many of us no longer scrapbook on a regular basis has been good for me. We are so much a part of each other's daily lives. With my various moves, I always have friends that move with me!

On that same night, G-Dub brought home another cooler of lobster from Maine! Yummy!


  1. Lawanda is such a sweetheart! We still need to work on meeting up before you leave the North East.

  2. I remember Lawanda!!! You are both gorgeous!!


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