Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Around the neighborhood

I have had my mind on Thanksgiving quite often recently. Not because of the weather or school starting or anything holiday related.
It's because of the visitors in our neighborhood that I see on my walks or drives through the neighborhood.
This photo was taken one Sunday morning as we were leaving for church and noticed them enjoying my neighbor's yard.
We have two flocks of turkeys in our neighborhood that parade around through the yards and into the woods.
I've had to stop on my walk to let them cross the street ahead of me.
I've also had to stop while driving down the road and let another group cross. There is no shortage of turkeys in this area this year.
They are giving a whole new meaning to the term "free range turkey"!


  1. We had some in Texas. The momma was aggressive at times too and would charge at us.

  2. We were taking one of Teen's friends home the other day when I asked if they had turkeys in their neighborhood. He said yes, but the male had to be removed as he "attacked" a jogger. Not good.

  3. This is great!! Turkeys are awesome - till they attack. LOL


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