Friday, August 17, 2012

The Shore - The Beach - The Ocean

I still don't like calling the beach "the shore". Maybe it's the rebel in me? Maybe I'm just set in my ways.

We went to the beach yesterday. Dev wanted to go and take some friends since said friends have invited him on beach trips in the past.
So, we set off toward Ocean City. It was someplace we haven't been before so wanted to see the area. I liked the area. I didn't like the beach.
Of the few beach areas we've been too, I can say none of them are a favorite.
My problem is what I've mentioned before. I have the Gulf of Mexico beaches and Hawaii beaches ingrained in my head.
You'll never convince me that these beaches are better than those because you have the boardwalk entertainment.
I think boardwalks are neat, but I go to the beach to play in the sand and water and soak up the sun.
I do not go to the beach to ride amusement rides and eat carnival food. That's what carnivals are for. *sigh* I digress.

Looking back through my photos last night, I commented that I had no pics of Dev. He asked why? Well, Honey, when you leave me and go off to hang out with your friends, you aren't around when I'm taking photos, so you don't get in them. And actually, I did take a photo of you but you deleted it.
(Silly photo that would have made GREAT blackmail material one day - Gone. Erased from memory of the card and my mind.)

Roo and I dug a hole. I swear, if it were possible to dig a hole to China, I think he'd be the one to do it. Give him dirt and some time and he could make it!
It started out as a seat - a sunken recliner.
It evolved into a two seat "hot tub" without the water.
By the time we left, it was almost a bonafide tub. Can't say hot tub because that water was a not so balmy 72F.
Oh, wait, maybe THAT'S why I can't seem to love these beaches! LOL Definitely not like Florida or Hawaii.

Sidenote: What is your opinion on the faded creamy photo phase that is all the rage these day? I like the look, but I keep thinking
I like the real photos and the color pop that you get. I played around with a few from yesterday to see what I like.

Here's my original edit:
And here is an edit using a sunset haze effect I read about in a tutorial. Here.
Which do you like better? I like things about both. Hmmm, tough choice. All were taken with my little Sony Cybershot.
You know what they say, the best camera you have is the camera you have with you. ;)


  1. I like them both but for different reasons. I love your original because I like blue skies and crisp shots but the second is nice because it makes me feel like it was taken back when I was younger. I've been actually thinking about your question myself a lot lately. It seems like we strive to buy nicer and newer equipment that will give us the best crispest photos and then we use software and actions to make the photos look old fashioned and grainy and stuff. I still don't know where i sit on it because like I said I like them both but I guess if I had to pick I would say I prefer the crisp pop of color photos in the long run. Which do you prefer?

    PS. Was this Ocean City Maryland?

  2. Great photos as always. Lacey is the digger in our family. She will sit and dig FOREVER.

  3. I like the original, but I am a color saturation freak, always have been. Back when I shot 35MM slide film, I was in love with Velvia film for that reason.

    I think the sand at the southern beaches is softer too!

  4. I never found a beach I loved when I lived up North. The closest one was Misquamicut in Rhode Island. My problem was like yours...they just aren't like what we are used to living in the south. The sand is all grainy and rocky, and the water is cold. No one in CT called it the shore, fortunately, or I'd have had to correct them, haha


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