Friday, August 24, 2012

Someone is getting a room makeover

When we moved in last year, Teen spent some time putting together his room the way he wanted. It was nothing fancy because he used what we had on hand and what he liked. I didn't do more with it because 1) it's a rental and I am not going to paint the walls and 2) G-Dub kept mentioning we might move on post if a house came available. One year later and the room still looks the same though we've decided not to move onto post.

So, I decided summer would be the perfect time to personalize his space a little more. But summer has been busy. So, end of summer seems to be the time to squeeze it all in. First up is something to hang on the wall. I just finished this last night. I did it like the Subway Art Done Large - here, but I didn't have it printed quite as big.
I had another photo as well, but Teen vetoed it. So, we just have one.
This is a nice size. It's 13"x24". I adhered it with spray adhesive. Then I aged it a bit with Distress Inks. I brushed mod podge on the surface after I'd adhered it. I knew this was a potential mistake because the girl in the original tutorial mentioned hers bubbling and wrinkling when she did that. Of course, mine bubbled and wrinkled too. Ack! I first thought I've ruined it! Then I worked really hard to convince myself that I need to embrace imperfection. (Is that hard for anyone else?) So, I went with it. I used my heat gun to smooth out as many wrinkles as I could or to work the wrinkles into something like I liked. Then this morning, I went over the whole piece with an iron over wax paper. I think if I ever do another one, I will not use spray adhesive. The bubbles appeared in places that I thought there was no adhesive. If I go with Mod Podge from the start, maybe that'll be better ?? It's hard dealing with spray adhesive that dries quickly and a large piece of paper. Maybe I should have enlisted help.

More to come later as we add projects to the list and mark things off the list as completed. I have all sorts of ideas, we just need to find a way to pull them all together.


  1. It looks really good! :) I like it!

  2. I think it looks great! I need to try this, the hard part would be deciding which picture to use.

  3. I think you did an amazing job on it. A definite keeper!


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