Monday, August 6, 2012

Front Porch

We have lugged these concrete pillars and the concrete pineapple on every move we've made since living in Tennessee. They've adorned the front doors of houses in four states and held up many different things. When I was too cheap frugal to pay the price for ferns this year, I convinced myself it was because the west door would get too much sun in the evening and it wouldn't be good for the ferns. So, I started looking for other things to put in pots on the pillars. I started with some moss, a flower, a potato vine and spikes. The flower died, so I replaced it. Then that flower died. Then I replaced it again with the white/gray plant and another flower. So far, so good on that. The potato vines and spikes have really done well. The flowering moss has hung in there, but has been put in third place behind the vine and spikes.

I saw a penny bowling ball on Pinterest a while back. I just happened to have a bowling ball in the basement - a product of a yard sale in Kansas.
And who doesn't have too many pennies lying around?

I put it all together and placed it in the front flowerbed. I used the wrong adhesive though, my pennies started falling off.
I should have used something clear and stronger. Instead of starting over, I just moved it nder the porch.
A trip to Goodwill paid off for a pedestal for it. It's all good now.

Last week, I noticed something was eating my potato vine. Upon closer investigation, I discovered gold.
Don't alert the Californians just yet - no need for another Gold Rush.
It was just a gold beetle - something I have never seen before.


  1. Your penny bowling ball is awesome - and I love it's stand. Love Goodwill! That beetle looks like those Egyptian scarabs that eat you. LOL!

  2. I've never seen one of those gold beatles! That is pretty neat. I love the penny ball...I still need to make one to keep the slugs and bugs away. What type of adhesive should I use??

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  4. I've got two bowling balls, one of which was my dads (he was in a league as a young man). Neither of mine are the pretty type, just black, and I've been thinking about painting them or maybe doing a mosaic. Something. What adhesive did you end up using? We have such a damp climate I'm not sure that anything would work permanently, not even E6000.

    I didn't even know there was such a thing as a gold beetle. I had to look it up. lol Of course, pretty, and considered a 'bad' bug.


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