Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Five Dollar Find

I was walking into the grocery store recently to buy a sack of potatoes. As I walked in, I noticed that they had all of their plants on sale.
I was in a different town thirty miles from home, so I didn't really pay a lot of attention to the plants. But, one section caught my eye.
Hibiscus trees - $4.99.
As I walked through the produce department and retrieved my sack of potatoes, I kept thinking about that sign and those plants.
When I was checking out, I asked the clerk if she could ring on up without my having it there.
"Sure!" came her response.
"Oh, great! I don't want to be any trouble."
But, she couldn't find the code. She called the manager and she didn't know the code.
The teenager who was bagging groceries volunteered to go outside and get a sticker. So, the clerk and I wait.
And wait. For what seems like an eternity.
I was so thankful no one was in line behind me. I began to feel really bad about that not being any trouble comment turned bad.
I apologized. More than once.

Finally, I saw the girl returning with sticker in hand! Yay! I apologized again.
It was only then that the clerk said, "Oh, no problem, you're the third person that's asked for this today, so I'm taping this sticker right here on the register!"
LOL Bad feelings about being trouble ceased.

Does anyone else always think that someone might think you're stealing a plant if you just walk out and grab one on the way to the car.
I felt like that on this day. I clutched my receipt in my hand as proof though rather than cramming it into the unknown regions of my purse!
I picked the plant up and water immediately started pouring out of the bottom of it. Uhoh.... that'll not be dry enough to put in the back of my SUV...
Heck! Will it even fit in the back of the SUV?
Potatoes came out of the bag and I wrapped that around the pot to catch the water as I lay the thing down in the back of the vehicle.
MIL was in the car waiting with the boys.
"Oh, my gosh, you bought a tree!" was what I heard as I was shimmying it into its place.
I spent more on the pot and dirt to repot it than I did the plant itself, but I think it's beautiful.
I wonder if I can keep it alive inside this winter. We'll see.
I hope so because it's beautiful and because I love a challenge!


  1. It is very pretty and well worth the hassle! It reminds me of the pretty paint job I had on my toes for Hawaii and who can't use some reminders of Hawaii!! :)

  2. It is beautiful. That plant was meant to be yours. It's the little things....

  3. I would have taken it home too. This reminds me that I need to go take a picture of the hibiscus plants down the road, some guy made a hedge with them, it is gorgeous right now.

  4. Oh! That is pretty. I would've snatched that up in a heartbeat for 5 bucks, good deal;)

    Jenny from


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