Thursday, July 5, 2012

Frog Fest 2012 Turns into Something More

Remember this guy?

I talked about him here: Skimmer Swimmer
The boys and I discovered him in the pool last summer.
He's been back this year with many of his friends.

One night a few weeks ago, it came a torrential downpour. The tree frogs out around the pool (we had at one time counted four) were having a wonderful time. They were singing and croaking and driving me insane! Reminded me of that Dolly Parton song, "Laughing and dancing and having a party!" Thankfully, we have a window unit air conditioner in our bedroom because the central air just doesn't cut it for that room of the house. It's good white noise to block out the froggy noise.

We got up the next morning and eventually did what we always do - go out on the deck and look at the pool. We were expecting it to be icky because of the rain. But, we found something we weren't expecting. Floating at various points around the pool were these - pardon my description, there is no better/tactful way to say it - snotty pockets with little black dots in the center. We began to scoop those out along with the leaves and fallen pine-straw. At first, we questioned what they were. Then our minds went back to the Frog Fest we overheard the night before. It was then I told G-Dub that Frog Fest was no ordinary Frog Fest, it was a Froggy LOVE Fest. The word that starts with an "O" came to mind, as did the stories of Woodstock and orgies from the 70s. (blush! Thankfully, I was a small child during all that.)

Geesh! - thank goodness for the air conditioner white noise!

Curiosity got me and I plopped a glop of the snotty mess and the black circles into a container from the recycle bin.
A week later, this is what we have: Products of Froggy Love Fest, 2012
If they survive, I plan to take the container FAR away from our backyard to set the froggies free.


  1. OMG, that is funny! I remember "hatching" out tadpoles as a kid, always fun. Did you find any evidence of illegal activity out by the pool? LOL


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