Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Basket of Sunshine - Teacher Gift

I was going through memory cards last night and found these photos from the end of the year teacher gift I'd put together.
A while back, I saw this -A Box of Sunshine- on Pinterest. I pinned it with thoughts of the end of year teacher gift for Roo's teacher.
She lives at the beach and I knew she'd love something like that. But, I also knew I couldn't pull it off to look anywhere close to the one on that website.
I didn't let that stop me! I began to collect yellow things. In the end, we had this which was later tied with a ribbon and had a card attached.
Inside were banana and lemon flavored drops, a tube of Carmex, Burt's Bees exfoliating scrub with a yellow fluff, a Whitman's sampler chocolate box, another box of chocolate which had a yellow ribbon on it, a Pina Colada scented candle, a box of Goldfish crackers, a bag of dried pineapple, a yellow accented coffee cup which I filled with lemonade mix and various tea bags, and a baggie of lemon flavored cookies that had a summer time tab topper. I did a little moving around in Photoshop of the words on the tab topper from the one I'd found here: Summer Subway Art
According to Roo, she really liked her basket. "She commented on each thing as she pulled it out of the bag, Mom!" :D

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  1. That looks great! SIL used to be a teacher and she said that one can only get so many things with an apple on them and be enthusiastic LOL She would have loved something like this!


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