Saturday, May 26, 2012

Placing of the flags

Son2, a Webelos scout, and I were able to take part in a flag placing ceremony on Friday afternoon.
We caravaned with others from the pack to a local veteran's cemetery where we "met" several hundred
(I'd almost say thousand!) other people to take part in preparations for Memorial Day.

Some of the people. Do you see all of the cars in the background? That was just a portion of them! Photobucket
The cemetery property spread far as it was quite large.
At five o'clock, they blew a horn and everyone went to work inserting flags into the holes on the
grave markers until every grave in the cemetery had a flag adorning it.
Photobucket Photobucket
There was a slight wind today, so the flags were waving at the easiest of waves.
It was overwhelming standing out there in the sea of waving flags and thinking of what they represent on those graves.
I was overcome with pride in my American heritage, with humility and with thankfulness for all those who have fought for our country. Photobucket
It was an AWESOME experience! I'm so glad we went!
One last photo as we were leaving.
May you have a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend.
May you take a moment of pause to remember why we observe this day.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Want to see my crazy little garden?

Living in an apartment for the last two years, I was anxious to get my hands dirty come spring and put some plants in the ground! There's this spot off the side deck that is just space... dirt and space. We had put the trash cans there, but I declared it my garden spot at some point.
Excuse the nasty wall on the house. The owner never did come and power-wash it like he said he would. *insert eye roll* I can't see it now anyway because I've moved the trash cans up ON that deck and the yuck is hidden. I decided I'd just use the area here and also the existing flowerbeds (since not much else was in there) to plant my garden.

Along the fence, I have cucumbers that will hopefully run up the fence and produce. The upside down tomato cage has sweet peas to grow up it. I have two tomato plants in the cages. One of those has an extra sweet pea to grow on it. Two zucchini squash plants are there as well.... maybe there'll be room for those. The pot of zucchini I purchased had FIVE plants in it. I set them all out separately! Onions are there as well as some radishes.
There are two yellow squash plants on the left. Along the fence on camera's left, I've planted corn. Never planted corn before, so we'll see. I thought if nothing else, I can use the stalks in October for decoration! Close up of onions and radishes and weeds I need to pull. You can also see the tomatoes and some basil that I planted.
I'm probably going to have to support those tomatoes with something else. Those cages always seem so flimsy, yet I continue to buy them. Other side of sidewalk behind the house is a bed that eh... needs that yucca plant out of it, has been overrun with mint and was kind of just eh, blah. I put in some pepper plants, more onions, and a couple of zucchini. Here you can see a strawberry plant that was already here. And a daylily that I moved from up against the house.
More strawberries on the other side of the yucca. The birds love these. I've tried cds to scare them. Tulle to ward them off. Then yesterday, Son2 and I painted rocks to look like strawberries in hopes of warding them off.
This is damage they can do. Found it the other day after the downpours didn't let us get outside to pick the strawberries.
Summer will tell me if I did ok with the garden planting. I certainly hope I have a good harvest!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Good Things are Here

Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you the strawberry blooms and I was hoping good things would come to those ME that wait(s)? Well, the good things are here!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
They are deliciousness all wrapped up in a beautiful little red package tied with a pretty green bow on top! They have me fighting with myself not to be selfish and eat them all while the boys are at school. They have me wanting more. They have me googling and asking local friends where the nearest You-Pick-Farm is. P.S. Did you see all that pollen on the leaves of the plants? That's what has my need for Clariton on a higher level this year. Achoo! Well, really, it's more itchy eyes than nasal stuff, but it's annoying!


I went out in the yard yesterday before the rain and snapped a few photos of the Rhododendrons that are blooming. I see these bushes everywhere around this area. They must really like the sandy soil and shady areas that all of these pine trees provide. I posted all of the images over on my photography blog (which I've abandoned for the longest time) Maybe I should add to it more often.
If you are interested in seeing more: Click here.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Photo Challenge Fail - but Thrifty Finds Success

Hey, life just gets in the way sometimes. It has for me and the May photo challenge. Oh well, I'll carry on some other way. Let me share a photo of my yard sale finds from this weekend.
When Roo was busy bargaining with the woman about a drawer full of 14 Million (guesstimate) Legos, I discovered an old milk crate that had seen better days, but that I was stricken with. Not sure what I'll actually do with it, but for two bucks, it was worth bringing home to see. I finally deciphered the writing carved on the outside - Golden Glow, Erie, PA. I may leave it on the deck and put a potted plant inside.

Also, I found a metal star candle holder that I thought was really neat. I just have to find a place to hang it because it won't sit on it's bottom point. If I knew we'd seriously spend a lot of time outdoors this summer after dark, I'd put it outside in a heartbeat. Not sure about that though.

I walked away spending four bucks. Roo and his 14 billion (yeah, I think they grew) spent a little more. He was happy though because some old Star Wars Lego pieces were in there!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 2 - May Photo Challenge - Skyline

It's another rainy day here in the northeast. I'm not planning on going anywhere that I could capture a great skyline photo. So, I'm going to share one I took last month. We were on the NYC Water Taxi and were ferrying out to get a closer view of the Statue of Liberty. We were riding on the top deck of the boat. I looked back and noticed the flag unfurled with the wind. I also noticed how it looked as if the flag was reaching out to touch the One World Trade Center building. We'd just left the 9-11 Memorial so I was feeling rather sentimental and patriotic. It was a picture perfect moment.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Photo A Day Challenge

I've seen these lists by Fat Mum Slim before, but have never actually gotten myself together enough to work on one. Today being the first of May, I thought I'd give it a shot. We'll see what tomorrow holds. Today's theme is Peace. Hmmm, it was pouring rain this morning. Rainy days are never fun days to convince the dogs to go outside to do their business. So, after kicking them out, then coaxing them to hurry and come back in to be dried off by the towel, I think all they wanted this morning was peace. They found it in their bed while I was catching up on last night's Hawaii Five-O.

Yard sale find

I have had it in my mind since Christmas that I "need" an antique sled. I need it to display on the front porch as a decoration during the winter months. Do you know how much antique sleds cost in stores if you can find them? More than I'm willing to pay. I had pinned some ideas:
We were on the way to Best Buy Saturday morning and saw a Yard Sale sign. We stopped because G-Dub spotted some tools and such. As I was walking up the driveway, I noticed six or seven antique sleds. Jackpot! Lil'Man and I debated over which one we should get. He wanted a really old one while I wanted one that still had the advertizing/slogan on it. I caught the attention of the lady who was running the yard sale and asked how much the sleds were. The one I wanted had an old masking tape sticker on it that had $10 written on it so I was prepared for that or more. When she said, "I'll take a dollar a piece." I almost fell over. I resisted the urge to grab the whole bunch because rationally I only needed one. And I needed the one with the slogan on it.
Lil'Man was still saying we needed a really old one. We walked away with only one, the one I wanted. I just have to figure out where to store it between now and the winter. Right now, it's propped against the fireplace. LOL