Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If anyone asked me

what I do, I definitely couldn't say, "I'm a blogger!" could I? Hmm, there are some cobwebs around here. Sorry!

I'm ok. I've just been busy with other things that detract from my blogging inspirations.

One of those things has taken me into the dark recesses of the basement. Ok, well, not really that bad, but it sounded eerie, cool and suspenseful, didn't it? I bought some new storage/bookshelves for my craft room recently. Being down there organizing some of my supplies gave me the urge to actually USE some of my supplies. I have done a couple of pages in the style of Project Life - the recent craze/style of Becky Higgins with pocket pages for memory keeping. As with anything, I do things my way and not the way it's intended. At this point in my scrapping life, I think anything that gets me using supplies and recording memories is a plus!

My first attempt was to document photos from when we went to MS to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday.
(I look so tired and worn out {and terrible!} in those photos.
Could it have something to do with the travels we've just completed to get there?
Driving alone for two days... not fun.)

Second was documenting Halloween. (See, out of order, not a weekly record - MY WAY!)
Then, just last night, I was down at my table again pilfering through my scrap paper supply to gather some things for making some cards. I find that I'm always needing a boy birthday card - and I never have any. My intent was to make a few of those. I completed one.
Then I remembered MIL's birthday is soon, so I made a card for her.
Spring Break is next week. We're taking off on a rambling road trip. I am hoping to be taking a new camera lens along with me. If I'm a good blogger when we return, I'll share pics of our adventures!

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