Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Ok to be Different - Eggs and Mothers

Are you like me?

I'm one of those people that can't buy a carton of eggs without opening up the lid. I'm not just checking for cracked or broken eggs. I'm standing there wiggling every single one out of the dozen. I never buy eggs without thinking of my mother. She's the one that told me years ago. "If you're going to buy the eggs, open up the carton and wiggle them to make sure they aren't cracked on bottom and stuck to the carton. You can't use them if they are stuck because you'll break the egg getting it out of the carton." I swear to you on times that I've been in a hurry in the grocery store and haven't taken the time to wiggle the eggs after making sure they had no surface cracks, I ALWAYS end up with an egg stuck to the carton which won't come out of its slot until I break it out. In moments like that, I think, "I should have listened to my mother!"

Imagine my surprise when I opened a carton of eggs recently and saw this:
Not only did I think of my own mother, I also thought of my mother-in-law who has a tendency to declare odd and out of the ordinary things "good luck". So, I decided this funky shaped egg from an obviously stressed out chicken had to be good luck. This was the carton of eggs for me! (Good thing none of them were stuck to the carton or cracked, I'd have had to put it down and get another one, abandoning my lucky egg!)

I debated blowing this egg out and saving it somehow, but I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. I cracked and cooked it. Hopefully I didn't ruin my good luck. ;)

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  1. I always check the eggs and wiggle them to make sure they aren't cracked on the bottom or stuck too. I also always check the bread bags for holes. We once found a whole shelf of bread where the bags had cuts in them, probably nicked them while opening the box. My MIL is the one who taught me to always check the bread. It is amazing how often there is a little hole in the seam of those plastic bread bags!


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