Friday, February 3, 2012

Show a little love

With February beginning a few days ago, I knew it was time to redecorate my little metal tree with hearts for Valentine's Day. I didn't take new photos because it looks the same as it has for the past two years since I made the hearts. If you can't remember that or have never been here before, that photo is here: For the Love of Red

I decided to carry the love theme forward in a few other places. Apparently my 'Possum Belly Hutch has become my hub for seasonal decor. I took away the snow people and winter word art. I had a few ideas for what to do and have gotten started. I'm still working on a heart garland and other ideas. I'll show you what I've got thus far.
The printable word art was found through a google search. Designs by CP gets full credit for that. I just adorned it with a couple of die-cut images. For the Scrabble tray, I ran across some old conches and decided to replace the O in love with a heart inside the conch. The cheese tray/dome was a Goodwill find. I actually found it Tuesday, but didn't buy it because I couldn't think of a way I'd use it. Then yesterday, it dawned on me. I went back last night hoping it was still there. Yes! Score! I also picked up the little white pedestal while I was there. I wonder how long the Hershey's kisses will last. Probably until Mr. Teen discovers they are there. The bowl looked a little empty, so I scattered my red buttons and my Target Dollar Spot rubber stamps from a few years ago there to love it up a bit. The little birds were also a thrift store find while in Korea. They were gold. Eek... not anymore.

When I finish my felt heart garland, I'll show you. I just have to find my embroidery needle first. Hmmm, searching for a needle you haven't seen since before your stuff got packed away in storage for two years is sort of like searching for a needle in a haystack. It would probably be easier to just go buy a new one!


  1. Ooooh! I LOVE the subway art! So sweet :)

  2. Love your decorations Gwen...LOL about the chocolate!

  3. Your decor is so pretty :) I need you to come set me up for Valentines!

  4. Love, love, love how you dressed up the subway art! Would love to share it on my blog! :o)


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